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  1. This teaser looks really great. The choreo with robot/doll movements reminds me a bit the end of "Wanna Play" choreo. I can't wait to see the full version of the MV.
  2. This is indeed high ratings since usually surpassing the 1% mark for cable channels is already an achievement. These results are very encouraging for Eunjung and the other hosts. I hope the audience will keep watching this program and it will keep attracting more viewers in the future.
  3. I've just watched their performance with the huge orchestra and it was an impressive challenge. I guess all of them were probably nervous but they did very well. The performance was magnificent.
  4. [12.07.07] Chart Ranking - T-ara's Jewelry Box at #6 on the Oricon monthly album charts for June (6th place with 86,530 copies sold) *** Source: Oricon (Monthly Album Chart) Credit: Lucky Chance @ tiaradiadem.com
  5. Still not used to see Hyomin with red hair but their new concept for the MV and their outfits look awesome.
  6. Thanks for posting. I was waiting for the Japanese version of TTL by T-ara, especially after listening the Japanese version of TTL that Nami Tamaki did. Nice to see they wrote different lyrics the Japanese version of TTL compared to Nami Tamaki's cover. All the songs sound nice. I hope we will see them performing these for their Japanese concert.
  7. Nowadays only Idol groups such as Arashi or AKB48 can sell that much for a first week of sales thanks to fan pre-orders. Each T-ara's Japanese single sold around 50 000 copies whereas singles are already less expensive than full albums. In addition, full albums usually don't sell that well in Japan, unlike singles because of the price. If it was only a single (less expensive to buy) instead of a full album (rather expensive to buy), chances would have probably been higher to reach the objective with time. If T-ara can sell around 70 000~100 000 copies of "Jewelry Box" for the first week of sales, it would be already more than amazing since not all the Japanese Idol groups can sell that much for the first week of sales. But since they didn't announce any deadline, maybe the goal of selling 500 000 copies can possibily be reached at the end of this year.
  8. Exactly. If we only look at the numbers and the progression out of context, at first it might look disappointing. But seeing "Roly Poly" first week of sales which is mostly fans pre-orders and heavy promotions, the second week of sales looks rather good. Only some big sellers such as AKB48, Arashi, EXILE for example can hope to see huge sales even for the second week. But for a foreigner Idol group on the Japanese market T-ara sell rather well. For exemple, the Idol group Morning Musume have good sales in general and is in the top 5 of Oricon most of the time. Morning Musume's 48th single (released at the beginning of 2012) sold about 31 000 copies the first week and about 2 000 copies for the second week of sales. For the moment, "Roly Poly" is selling less than "Bo Peep Bo Peep" but "Roly Poly" is selling more than the previous promotion "Ya Ya Ya".
  9. [12.03.15] Chart Ranking - "Roly-Poly (A-type)" #20 on Oricon Weekly Singles Chart For the week from March 5th to March 11th, "Roly-Poly (A-type)" was No. 20 on Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. Current estimated sales for this week: 7 359 copies sold. *** Source: Oricon (Weekly Singles Chart) Credit : Lucky Chance @ tiaradiadem.com
  10. [12.03.15] Chart Ranking - “Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese ver.)” #1 on Recochoku Music Video Weekly Ranking For the week from March 7th to March 13th, "Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese ver.)" PV was No.1 on Recochoku Weekly Ranking in the category full PV download (Video Clip Download). T-ara have grabbed 12 top spots. ----- For the week from March 7th to March 13th, "Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese ver.)" PV was No.4 on Recochoku Weekly Ranking in the category PV clip used as ringtone (Chakushin Movie Ranking). T-ara have grabbed 58 top spots. (※ Recochoku is a mobile music site for Japanese mobile users.) *** Source : Recochoku charts (Weekly videoclip & Weekly movie) Credit : Lucky Chance @ tiaradiadem.com
  11. Better to start saving now since usually full Japanese albums cost around 40 bucks. The big seating capacity of Nippon Budokan is about 14 000 people. I guess CCM and EMI won't probably miss this occasion to record a DVD of the concert in this venue so prestigious such as Nippon Budokan. The tour schedule planned is rather packed, it won't be easy for the girls.
  12. I love the retro look of the cd. The vinyl design is a smart idea because it's a nice reference to the 70's-80's and at the same time only few people have a gramophone at home now. And the golden disco ball design for the DVD is cute. About the case, I would have prefered EMI Japan would have finally released it as jewel case which is a better protection. The paper holder for the cd is really thin (and noisy). The support for the lyrics is rather disappointing, I wish they would have done finally real mini booklets instead of a piece of paper in sepia color. I'm surprised to see there is no obi joined with the cd. And indeed, silvergolf doesn't have luck with the special cards haha.
  13. The version A probably looks the most appealing because it both contains "Roly-Poly" and "Lies" PV in the DVD whereas the version B has "Roly-Poly" PV dance version and the making of in the DVD. Though the version B is also a nice collectible since its B-side is "Apple is A" whereas for the version A it's "Lies". I've just checked their ranks on HMV Japan and among the popular items sold, currently it's contrary, it's the version B which sells the most and is at the 80th place whereas the version A is on 94th place:
  14. The close-up and dance shots are typical as Japanese PV but overall it's a really nice PV. It's really great to see Hyomin rapping again. Their movements for the dance part seem to be more sharp compared to the original dance parts. I miss a bit the concept of black and white outfits, the only presence of black color is with Eunjung's bow tie. It's a bit strange to see that both Eunjung and Hyomin had short hair for this version unlike to the original MV. It seems like Qri has finally her own lines? Or maybe she's doing only the harmonies? I guess we will have a clearer answer with the perfs. On the tee-shirt of Jiyeon, if it's a tiara drawing, it would be a cute pun. (Funny the way Eunjung looked at Jiyeon @1:57 and Boram did the dance steps in mirror @2:57)
  15. So he was waiting for another triple crown after Bo Peep Bo Peep cycle promotion to launch the official fanclub? Or maybe he has understood the system of fanclub in Japan is really lucrative with the membership fees and that's why he is coupling the idea of the official fanclub with the concert since in Japan they have a strong culture of regular concerts in various parts of the country in order to meet and establish a better link with the audience. Not surprising to see they will focus more the career of the girls in Japan now, they can't let other bands getting too much advance in the Japanese market. In addition, it seems like T-ara completed their promotion in South Korea for a while and it's time for their labelmates to perform as well.
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