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  1. Eh, isn't that the picture of Boram from her grandmother's funeral a few months ago? Yeah, I would feel guilty too if I made someone's baby cry but I don't think I would cry about it too. hehe Poor RamBo.
  2. Hi! Cute avatar! Boram unnie! I like ur user name its good.

  3. bwahaha Shinyoung and the hurdle XD This looks so much fun! And so much Kpop eye candy. O_O
  4. OMOMOMO..boram is so cute in your avatar:D hwaiting!^o^

  5. I suppose this is Hyomin's revenge for the fart jokes she always gets lol T-ara is so hilarious, Eunjung with her sleeping habit and Boram is so messy OMG she is so messy LoL
  6. ^But the thing is, Hyomin wasn't at the photoshoot. XD Olympus is my favorite brand, I have 2 cameras by it. I knew those were "PEN"s when I saw the other pictures. I've always wanted one and even more so after seeing Hyomin with a white one from one of her selca pics. Ah, I would've loved to take photos of them with my Olympus e-420 hehe
  7. Hehe you only posted the ones that had Boram in it. Since I watched the movie without subs I was just busy trying to find her throughout the movie. From the Hancinema site her character's name is "Ji-Ae" but I don't think she was even named in the credits (or I couldn't read it well from the vid quality) Sucks.
  8. Olympus Cameras? Hell yeah, that's my brand! XD Jiyeon and beer? LOLz XD
  9. Why not put the bunkbed in Eunjung/Soyeon's room since there is only ONE bed there anyway. Of course there's no way HwaYoung can room with Qri/Boram with Boram's mini fort in the room LoL I guess maknaes should stick together. Seems like HwaYoung has been added to the group for awhile now, it's good that they're getting along and they already treat her like family. I really can't wait for their comeback!
  10. So Co.ed is the translated name of HyoYoung's group? Well that's to the point. I'm looking forward to both groups, Co.ed's debut and T-ara's renewal.
  11. All these changes and it hasn't been a year yet. I'm just glad that no one else is leaving the group. I'm always for new members, I've gotten used to it by now being into jpop (and now kpop) groups that change all the time. As for Boram being the leader, even though she's my favorite member, it is hard to see her as the leader but I hope it works out well. I hope this change will make a better T-ara! Can't wait for their 2nd album!
  12. Wow, I would've missed that. Good eyes, guys! It's nice to see T-ara using and show off our gifts. We are moving on up! Congrats! ^^
  13. boram so cute!!! nice bday haha^^ After school UEE

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