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  1. Put me next to awesome, still can't tell the difference just like asians with their eyes shut.

  2. Nomu Nomu Saranghae

  3. First the laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win.

  4. Lol, Netizens will always be netizens huh? There's just no pleasing them.
  5. First Jung, now Sso? I hope Hyomin's role in The Thousandth Man wasn't "minor".
  6. They need something better to do with their lives than making poor innocent girls feel bad. What scumbags.
  7. They didn't need to write it, but for publicity reasons I can see why . Can't wait for Sexy Love .
  8. Um, Excuse me . What is this xxxx ? They take things too seriously .
  9. I don't think Eunjung was emotionally in distress. She's known as one of the most mentally stable in T-ARA, so I don't think that has anything to do with this.
  10. SBS played a really dirty hand today. I don't think I even want to watch another one of their shows after this. KBS ftw. Whats even more enraging about this is that Eunjung appeared at a press conference she didn't have to go to in her current state, and still had to put up with childish reporters deliberately asking her about the Hwayoung situation. Why can't they be grateful to have such a wonderful actor like Eunjung putting so much hard work and dedication into their production? They won't find another actress that can even come close to matching Eunjung's calibre of acting.
  11. I really think one of the PDs forced Eunjung out of the cast because they worry about their viewer ratings. It doesn't make sense for them to keep her in then just kick her out at an "emergency meeting" How can those guys sleep at night knowing they did something as heartless as that to poor innocent Eunjung?
  12. Nah, I suspect loads of foul play on this one. Eunjung didn't give up her role voluntarily I'll you that much, someone or some people forced her out.
  13. I saw the pictures from the press conference. Hyomin didn't look like she was enjoying herself at all. In one of the pictures her smile didn't seem like the natural, bubbly, energetic smile Hyomin usually has. Instead it looked exhausted, pessimistic, and forced.
  14. You should really just calm down and rest So. Dedication is a nice thing to have but you could injure yourself if you go on set and film.
  15. I hope for Sexy Love to be released tonight and for T-Ara to comeback tomorrow. If the girls show that they aren't fazed by the recent happenings the antis will have no chance but to back down.
  16. Netizens won't be pleased unless they can have someone to hate and obsess over. Thats why they want to hate T-Ara. But our girls were voted to be the most mentally strong girl group with 80.1% of all the votes cast.
  17. Are you serious right now? They demand an apology for airing a broadcast that would've been aired either way? If this whole scandal never happened they would've been happy that T-Ara was on the show. They need to grow up.
  18. Good for Hwayoung. Even though she isn't in T-Ara or CCM anymore, she is still the 7th member of 7-Ara. Hwayoung Fighting!
  19. Atleast this statement about Soyeon shows that our girls aren't the cold hearted demons people want to make them out to be. They're our Queens and our Queens work hard.
  20. Your response sounds exactly like one of those antis from AKP.
  21. Come back to us Hwa. We'll wait for you to come back to us. Just come back.
  22. I wish for Hwa to come back to T-Ara. It would be good if Hwa would come back to T-Ara because she would bring back alot of fans and she'd be able to air everything out.
  23. Hmmm, says that he and others witnessed Hwayoung crying, but no one else has released a statement saying they also witnessed it. Clear xxxx.
  24. This is actually sounds true, atleast KKS has stopped BullShitting us for the time being.
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