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  1. RT @GOGcom: ? MechWarrior, deploy your army! @BATTLETECH_Game is the next-generation of turn-based tactical mech combat from the original…

  2. RT @BATTLETECH_Game: 30 MINUTES TO GO! This is your final call to join us for the #BATTLETECH Campaign Livestream PART 2! TODAY, 16.00 CEST…

  3. @Totalbiscuit It is a little strange, given that BHS were successfully sued by NCSoft for stealing assets and code.

  4. I don't really care about battle royale games, but I think @SeaOfThieves could really benefit from a br mode.

  5. RT @SorenJohnson: Librande: Questions that need to be answered for useful paper prototypes. (Note that "is it fun?" Is not one.) #gdc18 htt…

  6. RT @rockpapershot: BattleTech isn't all about mech-punching. Sometimes the people punch one another too - https://t.co/LIuPvB936c https://t…

  7. RT @WeBeHarebrained: Did you hear the news? #BATTLETECH is available for pre-order now! Get a special Shadowhawk alternate skin plus exclus…

  8. It was so cold this morning in Stockholm that the air was sparkling, all the water particles in it were frozen and… https://t.co/oIttL8t3Zw

  9. @AmeliaMandev @littlebrown @littlebookcafe Congrats

  10. @dmoregard 7th? How? My unity generation game is clearly lacking.

  11. @ShamsJorjani Fancy also means costume for most non-Swedish ppl, very confusing.

  12. Aww, look who I found, so cute.. and they hate me, so guess I will have to use the world destroyer on them when I g… https://t.co/km9s8jznk3

  13. New Year's resolution is to spend more time at work on the important things... https://t.co/5hCvsCocpa

  14. So, The Last Jedi. Mixed feelings. Not sure whether it is the best or worst Star Wars movie.

  15. RT @DMC_Ryan: My @IGN Unfiltered guest this month is former FASA Studio head & current @WeBeHarebrained co-founder @mitchgit! Full episode…

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