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  1. Aww, look who I found, so cute.. and they hate me, so guess I will have to use the world destroyer on them when I g… https://t.co/km9s8jznk3

  2. New Year's resolution is to spend more time at work on the important things... https://t.co/5hCvsCocpa

  3. So, The Last Jedi. Mixed feelings. Not sure whether it is the best or worst Star Wars movie.

  4. RT @DMC_Ryan: My @IGN Unfiltered guest this month is former FASA Studio head & current @WeBeHarebrained co-founder @mitchgit! Full episode…

  5. RT @Paradoxcareer: Tonight we are attending Magnet Awards in Stockholm. We received silver medal for "Best Campaign - Young Professionals"…

  6. RT @PdxInteractive: Enter the Age of Wonders as @TriumphStudios 's third is available at 75% OFF in the @steam_games #ClassicsReturn Sale!…

  7. @Valiant_GS @stingsthlm @ShamsJorjani @Pilestedt That image could be a partial map of the complex relationship betw… https://t.co/26g3ifVD3q

  8. @Lambert2191 @ShamsJorjani Skipping time in EU4 would be such a waste, you need every day possible to paint as much of the map as possible.

  9. Just saw a shooting star over Stockholm. That's a stab hit right? @E_Universalis

  10. Who wouldn't want to be the on the receiving end of that dead eye stare of Jake's? :) https://t.co/3M7u3dtFuw

  11. RT @producerjohan: Happy 17th Birthday @E_Universalis ! https://t.co/5G4m0aiU2I

  12. Back from Delft, great three days at @TriumphStudios, its going to be awesome working with them :)

  13. Hot code @StellarisGame is so good... except for these big pink images.. I think they might've gone off style with… https://t.co/scEirgcYVP

  14. @producerjohan I have some minor thing to do for @StellarisGame unfortunately :(

  15. RT @PDX_Dev_Studio: Tomorrow the @E_Universalis Dev MP Clash continues with the second to last session. Here's what you missed last week ht…

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