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  1. I really liked Target though, and hopefully this upcoming comeback will be as good
  2. Does the korean version release date remain the same?
  3. These times seem hard for both t-ara and queen's
  4. I hope that HwaYoung come quickly back in t-ara, so they can release sexy love. I don't want them to release a hwayoung-free version of sexy-love...
  5. Although i agree with your post, i don't think we know the girls better than casual fans. People are never the same with a camera filming :/
  6. Isnt it another fake feedback from t-ara's haters? I don't know what to trust anymore
  7. lets hope things will get better ): I WANT SEXY LOVE SO BAD...
  8. KKS is my new bias. No kidding. i hope hwayoung will rejoin soon enough ):
  9. Sso's standards ! Im highly anticipating this drama too, i wonder how our queen will do
  10. Attack antis back? You wont do any damage and you'll bring more hate, so ignoring them is the best we can do. Please be patients queens, things will get better
  11. Don't spread rumors like that, it only generates more hate toward t-ara... Cant wait to watch sso acting skills :3 Do you know how many ep are featuring her?
  12. blablablablabla, do you think anyone here wants to associate with someone like you? If "Queen's" are people like you, then im no queen's. Show respect to other members on these forums please
  13. Last thing she said is "Facts are fake", and i assume it was before KKS offers her to join back if she apologizes
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