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  1. I'm totally going to Vietnam this summer! I can't wait to see them !
  2. I'm saving up all my money for this! Can't wait.
  3. Did they even realize that this press conference was just for her as an actress? The "bullying" scandal has nothing to do with Hyomin the actress but as the whole T-ara.
  4. Yeah I believe Hyomin will do that! And I hope she will stay safe.
  5. -How are the T-ara members? If I say that their current state [is similar] to having a mental breakdown, it'd be pretty accurate Come on guys now we need to get together as real QUEENS and helpout our beloved T-ara. They really need us now. Pull aside from the drama and support them because they need us the most.
  6. T-ara forever bro, I dont know but I have a feeling KKS is trying to destroy T-ara by giving them this horrible reputation and giving Hwayoung all the fame the hes probably going to remove T-ara and make another girlgroup. But then again its MY OPINION.
  7. I still dont understand what is happening. Anyone want to fill me in on this rumor that has been going around?
  8. I hope they are doing the robot or tutting! That would be great and new,
  9. Can't wait to see what Hyomin can show during the remainder of 2012!
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