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  1. RT @sungjoy_couple: #Happy6SungjaeDay Happy birthday and wish you all the joys of a wonderful birthday! https://t.co/tgm5ZJ9sCz

  2. #BbyuYoungLove love love love sungjae's rap part..

  3. :) :* RT @ivawenas: Thankyou for today sis @pris_lee_an n sis @felliciamirtha hihihi
  4. It's so hard when we became closer but I've to leave soon.. Feel so comfortable around them :(

  5. five fingers is sooo good, but @taraeunjung1212 isn't in it. it should be hers!! please bring her back to this drama.. =(

  6. RT RT RT RT @SMUELMNGK: Eh ada gino ,dp inga nike goreng tre @ocklen @astriddOT @felliciamirtha

  7. HAHAHAHA RT @gabyakaole: Ok, dan kgalauan ini dttup dgn panggilan k 14045. Mending nahan kangen dripada nahan lapar! HAHAHA! :P@Sinta_shen

  8. lol.. sama jo ngn so RT le. so jd terus terang itu dp nama RT @sintabutz: Jgn tllu terus terang RT @felliciamirtha: so itu no tu galau..haha

  9. blm tre se slamat so blg makase..wkakaka RT @finirnina: Video nih hahah thx subeka ngongox RT @felliciamirtha: special for birthday girl @fi

  10. yeah this is my territory, since nobody's here! #np oppa gangnam style (louder than usual) ^.^

  11. oh my.. lgsg berubah jd pengen brenebon =.= RT @darellrunkat: Brenebon!?hahaha RT @felliciamirtha: aaaah tiba2 kebayang opor ayam sama ketup

  12. i miss them so much :'( that was their last concert with hwayoung.. hiks
  13. can't wait for the sexy love MV! they look like anime character. i likeeee it.. i wanna see eunjung's part so bad.. ><
  14. i like her hairstyle here!!! it has been a long time to her in short hair. with her long hair she looks so feminime.^^
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