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  1. why i cant find it..i only find chinesse epop huhu
  2. ccm should speak up, why they let their talent like this, poor eunjung..kks pls do something, what now u mute? deaf?
  3. its gettin worst, now people start to threat t-ara? what a cruel kpop world
  4. yeah just sue five fingers production and sbs...this shouldnt be happening
  5. if u find the one with the sub, let me know hehe
  6. miss soyeon.. at least can see t-ara on tv, (can hear gangnam style on the background hehe)
  7. re-join please, she already apologize, what else do u want?
  8. lol, still remove her from the group even though she apologize
  9. even boram is my bias, i will go with hwayoung but i feel sorry for her
  10. please be good news on 30th..as a fan i dont believe in all the speculation and rumors
  11. no boram? huhu maybe this is first half of the video
  12. how come a 'blank' sunhwa can win haha, poor hwayoung..she did lead once
  13. ive watched this episode, t-ara's the best, and they can sport too, esp jiyeon in table tennis match
  14. Areum looks nice, but why the others pic so small hehe..Hyomin good at fashion
  15. sold out already? i bet they already popular worldwide now..
  16. surely they can beat runningman, no ahjussi in that team, sorry big nose hyung
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