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  1. @gloriabanago1 the one who have an idea to use choco for endorsement is so smart? next time i wanna get ho’s pic with choco sis??

  2. “i want to be able to stay in people's memories for a long time since this is the last pictorial that i'll take bef… https://t.co/S5ACCHcz9s

  3. RT @minozlmho: his eyes, his smile, his lips, his tongue i'm in love with everything about leeminho??❤️? https://t.co/vFUiI50s3v

  4. goodnight to our architect jeonjinho and thank you to all minoz who participated in #personaltaste8thanniversary to… https://t.co/5Ee3lEwEug

  5. me everytime i see leeminho’s photo https://t.co/lwDICDUdPO

  6. “Jung Soojung is as expected freking pretty. I like the chic expression God-Krystal” https://t.co/Y6g5G729i0

  7. @natali_lh people outside korea automatically think minho is leeminho yass our oppa is so powerful?? really??so now… https://t.co/BuKEVZ9ceC

  8. [+24, -3] You'd assume he was some statue out of Italy with that face alone. [+20, -4] Please shoot some dramas or… https://t.co/MbSfJNy4Lw

  9. RT @minozlmho: are they tom & jerry? ???? #Legendofthebluesea https://t.co/Bin7OBvIX2

  10. my iphone is error? so i used my other phone & my ipad to record it but the quality not good?

  11. RT @minozlmho: omgggg this is when joonjae with krystal in the 1st ep of lotbs!!! ?? @ActorLeeMinHo https://t.co/a1x331jyEj

  12. @2minhyus exactly! my fav in ioi is doyeon and wo is him. both have strong aura?

  13. me @ legend of the blue sea & fight for my way https://t.co/wvHhoJHRul

  14. facts? this year the only one couple who breakup with another reason is leeminho suzy "due to personal matter" https://t.co/85VWNEmYLr

  15. leeminho is the main source of my happiness i hope he stays healthy and his life surrounded by a good people who si… https://t.co/J1RhJq22Rv

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