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  1. @2minhyus exactly! my fav in ioi is doyeon and wo is him. both have strong aura?

  2. me @ legend of the blue sea & fight for my way https://t.co/wvHhoJHRul

  3. facts? this year the only one couple who breakup with another reason is leeminho suzy "due to personal matter" https://t.co/85VWNEmYLr

  4. leeminho is the main source of my happiness i hope he stays healthy and his life surrounded by a good people who si… https://t.co/J1RhJq22Rv

  5. @Suisinpr ikr super early ugh i feel like i want to quit my job?

  6. brb switch to my 2nd acc to celebrate this achievement?

  7. leeminho makes every photos seem like a scene of kdrama. amazing!!!! https://t.co/7UaRDMEWwC

  8. my question now is who's the one who decided to end their relationship? who's the one who said breakup 1st? LMH or… https://t.co/RabwHtpgPh

  9. 171107 before and after work. happy tuesday with leeminho❤️ https://t.co/gxsHSXQzoZ

  10. shimcheong celebrate her birthday with heojoonjae & her friends?? i miss lotbs?? #HappyJunJiHyunDay #HappyGiannaDay https://t.co/01JaeYKnBI

  11. @sujiyhel @Baesooangel suzy & hyeri at AAA? when??

  12. brb watching one of the best korean movie 2017 #MidnightRunners starring parkseojoon & kanghaneul. ? https://t.co/dtzDtXAF3w

  13. @girlwempty exactly my thoughts. both love arts. very similar.

  14. @MerlinDay6suzy omg yes hopefully 10% for ep 3-4! ?

  15. the main source of my happiness in every single day. i love you @ActorLeeMinHo https://t.co/NdaeQrokIU

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