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  1. i like it, i really want to see IU and jiyeon together again their dorkiness is very epic to watch
  2. T-ara really care for their fans, they didn't want to make profit to like them it's too burdening for them to take advantage from their fans
  3. hahahaha eunjung sexy and dorky appearance were shown from those pictures really dorky pose in SNL and sexy pose when singing lol
  4. line up for jangshin and dangshin in t-ara lol they serve their fans well with their fresh face.. jiyeon bias hohoho
  5. eunjung's V sign really cute... hahahaha the members show a cute friendship between them
  6. really can't wait for tomorrow broadcast of Running Man, our eunjung will play against RM casts all the boys must be protecting her like crazy, lol
  7. waaa, really love eunjung's long hair... she looks really pure, Goddess like
  8. already saw the videos of their comeback seems really huge and outstanding, they really shine on stage
  9. when i saw hyawoung, i really think her face could be compatible for romantic drama she has some kind of innocent face so, with a good acting, she could become a great actress
  10. wow congrats for them for their current achievement, i hope they can climb higher than before budokan arena is huge... wish for the best for their concert
  11. i think she have a decent variety skill for an idol she will do well for a comedy, just use her aegyo everything can become funny
  12. wow really, fans of t-ara really waiting for this occasion they sold out for no more than one hour...
  13. after seeing her innocent image in coffee house and sexy image in dream high, i think she can do a great job as an actress..... she played her role well enough
  14. i hope she really can do her best.... because other people still think that t-ara is the 7 members + newcomer is the 2 members let's hope t-ara will become 9 members in the fans heart
  15. waaa electro pop song like f(x) genre... looking forward to it t-ara seems trying to try all kinds of genre
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