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  1. Happy 5th Anniversary for my one and one favorite KPOP group I am happy to be their fan. I will surely continue to support them no matter what. I am looking forward for their future activities especially a concert in the Philippines -- Thanks for the treats, i am hoping to win whoever album it is. -- please!! hehe
  2. This game is awesome! thanks for everyone who worked hard for this game. Although there are still some bugs it is sill fun to play .. Keep it up guys! looking forward for the future projects. Fighting !!
  3. WOAH!! DAEBAK!! I really like it! even the dance moves, i think i'm going to love this!! I really can't wait now!! T-ARA n4 FIGHTING!!
  4. WOAH!! The drama MV is SUPERB!!! It made me gets so excited!! 4 more days?? I honestly can't wait!!! T-ARA N4 i will surely support you!! FIGHTING!!
  5. WOAH!! THIS IS DAEBAK!! I love the beat!! I love the concept!! I love them ALL!! EUNJUNG IS SO HOT!! T-ARA N4 FIGHTING!! "PARTY PEOPLE"!!! ))
  6. WOAH!! JIYEON IS DEABAK!!! She looks really cool. I can't wait to see therm performing!! I hope they'll make it to the top!! T-ARA FIGHTING!! I can't wait to see Eunjung's poster !!
  7. I really like eunjung's solo..!! Qri's solo is also good but i think there are lots of music effects on it..that's why i can't really hear qri's voice. I like all their solos. i cant wait for the release!! T-ARA Fighting!!
  8. T-ARA so cute!! They are all so cute wearing those fairy costumes!! T-ARA FIGHTING!! I cant wait for the full MV!! "Banisuta, baby Banisuta"
  9. Eunjung is so cute!! Her aegyo is killing me!! They all look so happy !! T-ARA FIGHTING!! "Banisuta, baby Banisuta"
  10. WOAH i like all the song !! i really cant wait for the release! Soyeon's voice is superb even though her solo song is a heavy ballad, i really like it.!! Boram's solo song is also very good!! i also reaaly like it. Actually i really like all the song!! hehe. i cant help but to replay all of it.. hehe T-ARA FiGHTING! "Banisuta, baby Banisuta"
  11. YEAH!! they are all look cute!!The song is really cute and very catchy! even the dance is so cute!! I can't help but to say "Banisuta" all day!! T-ARA Fighting!!
  12. WOAh Boram is so cute!! even though she's the oldest she still looks like a kid. Eunjung is so hyper and i'm happy to see that!! T-ARA FIGHTING..!! "Banisuta, baby Banisuta"
  13. WOAH. they all look good .. i'm missing Hyomin. i hope she can koin them soon. all of them are looking good.Areum is becoming more beautiful and as always my eunjung is so cute!! T-ARA FIGHTING!! "Banisuta, baby Banisuta!!":)
  14. WOAH.DAEBAK.!! i love it. it's sounds like an opening theme song of an anime..it's so addictive. i can't wait to hear the full song T-ARA FIGHTING!!
  15. WOAH!! this made me more excited.. i think their costumes are great .. they all look great and cute!!especially EUNJUNG,JIYEON,QRI..hehe i hope they'll release a teaser for their song soon!! the fairy-like costume is superb , its killing me!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!
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