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  1. Oh~ So that's how~....... hahaha.. kkeut..! That was fun..! ^^ Nice work..! I finished it..! hahahaha.. ^^ Now I know what the sun meant.. Thanks to @Kuzon..
  2. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~` Molla~ I got all the colors right for qri~ how could I still be wrong..??????????? T.T
  3. huhuhuhu~....... I can't even get Jiyeonie out of the laundry machine.. T.T Mianhae Jiyeon-ah~..... I'm trying my best.. up, dow, button 2, button 3, then what the h*ll is that sun..?????? I don't know what to do just hang on in there.. T.T NA OTTEOKHAE~..???????????!!!!!
  4. Oh yes!!!!! I've been waiting for this day........ ^^ Downloading it now.. ))))
  5. Oooooohhhhh~ Hyominie~~~!! ^^ haha.. That's so Jiyeonie beside her.. ^^
  6. GREAT..!!! like I'm gonna get a free from them HERE............ Super Junior is in Philippines and I can't even get to Manila..! How am I supposed to get a free hug from T-ara in KOREA..??????????? Still looking forward to it though... lucky for those who'll get to hug my Jiyeonie~.. I don't believe on Free Hugs though... I think ALL hugs are FREE.. ^^ so its more like a HUG OPPORTUNITY rather than FREE HUG.. haha..! ^^ Anyways... T-ara FIGHTING..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cool~..! a bit FIGHTING to this..! T-ara December comeback..!!!!!!! ^^ The QUEENS await... )))))
  8. That................... is just not right dude~.. I know we all love 6-ara.. and I know we are all happy that the girls are doing fine now.. But don't you speak of Hwa like that dude.. just don't............
  9. We're just paying it back T-ara~... I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, but your music is more than just notes.. It's something that we listen to, and suddenly make us feel better.. Your cheerful laughs makes us forget all our worries.. Out of all girl groups, T-ara was the last one that I expected to go through something like that~.. T-ara doesn't deserve that.. I felt so worried back then, 'cause I thought we were gonna lose our cheerful girls.. They were really breaking you apart... But you really made us so proud.. This is amazing... What you are doing is just so amazing... I knew you would do good, but I never expected it to be this good~.. ^^ What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? But T-ara is way more than 'strong' right now.. I think you'll be invulnerable.. We, QUEENS', will do our best for T-ara the way you are doing your best for us.. Don't you worry, 'cause I don't think 'fake T-ara fans' exists anymore.. hahaha.. Let's all do our best.. T-ara and QUEENS' can never be torn apart... FIGHTING..!!!!!
  10. Uuuuwwwaaaaaaaaaahhh... I don't why I just read this right now.... maybe 'cause of school activities that I didn't notice this before......... ^^ Naturally, I don't react like this when an idol that I support starts dating.. but, right now I'm really really happy for Soyeon unni..! ^^ I'm really excited for her.. haha.. and I think their age is perfect for a serious relationship.. I just hope that they'll last forever.. and grow old together.. and never stop supporting each other.. And Oh Jonghyuk Oppa has to make sure that he would NEVER hurt our Soyeon unni 'cause if he does.................... Oh... he is seriously gonna get it.... I'LL USE ALL MY SAVINGS TO BUY A PLANE TICKET TO KOREA JUST TO HIT HIM ON THE FACE..!!!!!!!!
  11. Listening to T-ara songs when I'm happy, when I'm lonely, when I'm mad, when I'm excited, when I feel dull, when I can't sleep..... pretty much all the time.. ^^ makes me feel like home..

  12. DASAPD Kim Kwang Soo..

  13. can't wait for the subs....... ahh cute family.. ^^ thanks for sharing..!
  14. Oh God............... my head can't process this much.................. This is all happening so fast.............. Good Luck to our girls..... ^^
  15. I hope when the moment comes...... i wouldn't have to choose..

  16. Feels like vacation's drifting too fast.. Don't wanna go off to college yet.. -___-

  17. "Why you hating" ^^

  18. THE DAY..!!!!!!!!!!!!! -so excited!

  19. I want the T-ara N4 mini album.......... money's here but i don't know how ordering works....... ^^ Babo..

  20. We're waiting for you T-ara N4..!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck..!!! Jiyeonie..!!!!!!!!! Fighting..!!!!!! T-ARA FIGHTING..!!!!
  21. Sobrang di ako nag-enjoy sa Gentleman.. kase shempre yung malalalim na K-poper alam na alam yung Abracadabra.. tas parang ang cliche na tuloy kase parang gangnam style na nga yung theme.. Abracadabra pa yung sayaw.. Parang trying hard tuloy yung dating.. pero in fairness.. nakakatawa yung music video...... I love practical jokes..! ^^

  22. Quite exciting.......! ^^ Diadems will be waiting for "Rural Life" T-ara..! Wish You Good Luck..! T-ara forever FIGHTING..! ^^
  23. This is great.. Its nice actually.. I'll be looking forward to that 2nd gangnam style title.... But GOSH when on Earth is Dani gonna show up..??????????????
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