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  1. I can wait. My midterms are coming up, so now I won't be distracted. And hopefully SNSD's promotions will die down by that time so T-ara can win, win, win!
  2. man! you expect me to get on at like 5am in the morning?! remember i'm 3 hours ahead of you. -_-

  3. Jon! dude get on msn!!!

  4. OMG, a second album. I can't wait! It's probably going to be released unexpectedly like their first album. It just came outta nowhere.
  5. Wow i just notice that you added another comment on my profile. LOL WELL U TOO, YOU SMELL LIKE ELEPHANT POOP!

  6. She must miss Yoo Seungho the most, ROFL. The drama was great. It taught me some good work habits. At least she's with Kim Sooro again for Death Bell 2, PLUS she has Qri with her.
  7. I really wonder what the story is going to be like. The first one was interesting, but can they replace it? I don't want Qri or Jiyeon to die either, but if Jiyeon dies I guess we'll be seeing another 'Soul'. Kim Sooro is probably a bad guy teacher that gets stabbed to death in the end. xD
  8. I felt so sad reading this. Eunjung's mom cares so much about her that she's willing to sacrifice her career, just for her.. Eunjung's mom is so sweet and she really loves her child. Well at least we could probably assume that her mom is really proud of her, especially looking at the success T-ara has. Eunjung's mom & T-ara fighting!
  9. Amazing choice by T-ara. Hwang Jung Eum is really pretty and I believe she's quite popular (especially through acting). She probably accepted the offer because they've collaborated before and it's only right to return the favour!
  10. Of course they have to stop Boram from eating everything, lol. From the very start, T-ara never really gave me the impression that they would compete against one other. I feel like they really are sisters. Plus they probably take extra care of Jiyeon since she's the maknae with a pretty far age gap.
  11. Ooh interesting.. It looks like Yoon Si Yoon and Jiyeon are going to be together for awhile. There's this and Death Bell 2. I wonder if Yoo Seungho is jealous, lol.
  12. Well, this is dumb. T-ara and Kara should just have a joint stage, and then the fans can't do anything about it. We really need an official name and colour for T-ara..
  13. I agree with "Barney leggings". That's what it reminded me of when I saw it. At first I thought it was saying she was bipolar, but that's not the case.. Or is she?
  14. Congrats T-ara! The outfits were finally different, rather than just a different colour. It was nice to see all the girl groups hugging each other at the end. They deserve more awards, so keep em' coming!
  15. YAY! I was really worried they wouldn't win because of their strong competitors. Congrats T-ara! Now it's time to start a winning streak.
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