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  1. This article already come out in AKP and minutes later another article came out and allegedly reveal Hwayoung's dark side PS: I am just helping this guy
  2. Hey, different people have different way of thinking ok? Don't expect everyone to think the same way as you! What he believe and what you believe are different because he is not you and neither me!
  3. Umm, okay!! I didn't know it would be turning out this way, my apologize!
  4. Read this people, this is something that is believed to be posted by HwaYoung http://www.allkpop.com/2012/07/netizens-dig-up-evidence-of-hwayoung-being-bullied
  5. I think you are forgetting something here, her twin sister is still in the company or maybe KKS force her to keep quiet in return for her leaving with "no condition" you and i never know what happened behind the closed door, i believe she wants to clear everything, if the other members have been treating her well, i am sure all the more reason she will speak up. So i suggest all of us to pray and hope that the truth will come out quick, thats all we can do now!!
  6. I can also said that the other 5 members tweeted like that IN THE FIRST PLACE? Did you even wonder why Hwayoung replied the tweet like that? She and her twin sister might just snapped from their frustration. Bullied or not, Hwayoung is being treated like an outcast, not being loved enough by other members i can see that clearly!! What a joke seriously
  7. It seems like i won't be sleeping today, anxiously waiting for the "grim reaper" CEO to make his announcement!! but then again, don't trust 100% of what he said, the opposite MIGHT be the truth!! Lets just hold our hands together people!!
  8. These are my thoughts regarding the whole thing 1. The tweets - Be it intended to praise/blame hwayoung, it was a bad move made by EuJiMin, i mean they tweeted it after the concert, and if i were Hwayoung, i too would think those tweets more as sarcastic comments rather than praise. I mean wtf man, she was injured and couldn't perform and suddenly they are tweeting about those will/dedications at the same time out of the blue i too would feel offended even if those were not directed at her and with the addition of Jiyeon Hi5-ing everyone except Hwayoung, even if she did not complete the concert you should still Hi5 her if they indeed have a good teamwork. Additionally, if those were encouragements, don't you think those are better to be said directly or they could just text and call her? 2. The after effects - CCM's statements of their accounts hacked indicates those were insults or carrying ill intentions, why Hyomin have to change her picture that hinted at there is a reason for everything if what she said have no ill intention by doing that it makes her bad and people are thinking that those are insults. Lastly, about Boram's action of unfollow Hwayoung, if it was true then all the more it indicates that the so called "rumoured bullying" does exist. I personally believed that they indeed bully Hwayoung, even though Jiyeon is my bias!! I am just doesn't want to be a hardcore fan and defend her, but a rational one
  9. I agree with your reasoning #2 i think the rest of them still can't get along as i remembered from the recent Star Life Theater, where there is a scene when they went to practice together and Hwa Young told the cameraman about their busy schedule/practices and she said right unnie? and Soyeon just replied "Uh" which i think she didn't expect Hwa Young to call her name or she doesn't want to talk to her. This is my OWN assumption and i don't have the intention to make Soyeon looks bad, so don't bash me please!!! She might be too tired to reply or any other reason but from what i know usually idols always try to reply with emotions, excited, trying to show close bond even though they are not in reality. OR As someone stated that Eunjung took painkillers to perform and Jiyeon spraining her legs but still performing, maybe they expect Hwayoung to do the same and so when she did not, they SACASTICALLY tweets their thoughts so i think its either Hwayoung is exagerating her injury or the other members do not want to understand her injury as theycould argue that they went through the same thing before, but then again every person tolerance level of pain might be different just like how a person can be instantly drunk just by sipping a little bit of alcohol and another person might not, maybe it is really painful for Hwayoung!! I am a fan of jiyeon but i feel like defending Hwayoung on this one as i PERSONALLY believe that they are ganging on her, i mean for the other members to be tweeting the same thing on one person means there is a problem between them or maybe a fight broke out without the manager or agency knowing as such discontent was building up and being released on tweets. I am hoping that all my reasoning is false through, but i just find Hwayoung pitiful, as she suffered so many problems, she was thrown into popular group as new member, getting bashed by fans who can't accept them, wardrobe malfunction and now this!!! Stay strong Hwayoung ah!!! and of course not forgetting the root of all problems, Mr KKS you are really in dip xxxx now!! t-_-t
  10. Do your best Areum, i am right behind you!! Make those haters be your fans!!
  11. You guys will thrive under the pressure,T-ara can do it!! Fighting!!!
  12. This is a great news, our girls have worked so hard and they deserve this!!! T-ara Fighting~~
  13. Even though i am still angry at the decision for adding new members , i sencerely hope that both of them will be able to display their talents in the future and help improving T-ara in any way they can!!
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