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  1. i hope both eunjung and soyeon's drama companies keep their words and don't drop the girls!! so sad that all this has escalated so much. i'm so worried the girls wont stand all this and make rash decisions. do netizens want one of the girls to end their lives because of this? what if they do? :S
  2. anti fans are uniting all at once since there is an opportunity to bash t-ara. sigh, i'd wish they can understand that if t was their own groups get into a controversial issue like this, that they'd want support and not further misunderstandings and such. so sad :'(
  3. I dont think they are cancelling their programs and schedule. I think they are getting rejected because of the public's backlash. I just hope that all this will calm down asap. Please listen to everyone's story first. Someone needs to come out and say something....!
  4. i seriously don't get it. are all the anti fans just uniting since they've been given an opportunity? can they not understand that unless there are solid proofs that bullying occurred, then they should not be so quick to judge. what they are doing to t-ara is exactly just that, bullying. the viscous cycle will continue because of these people. i am not saying that bullying didnt occur, but will not be so quick to judge. i mean if people believed that jaejoong (and jyj) didnt hit the saesang fans even with a video.... then why are they believing just words? I'm a jaejoong fan too, so i'm not dragging him in this chaos..
  5. i think its about time someone from t-ara come out and say something. from one thing the CEO say, it has damaged them as such. are we hating the company or the group as well? true fans stand by their groups no matter what. do we know the truth? no. so why are we so readily to jump boats? isnt this bullying towards the remaining members?
  6. hmm, but for a CEO to make such a decision, surely there was something going on right? cos as a CEO, he should know what the repercussions of just simply outing someone would do? :/
  7. WOOOOOOO! thank the lord! i couldn't concentrate all day because of that news! this producer is DAEBAK!!! he is so correct, these issues with t-ara are personal and should be dealt with by the group, and not anyone else! also, no one can say 10000% sure that bullying occurred so rash decisions (COUGH SBS COUGH) are not the way. Same thing with nichkhun...something negative happens and he gets photoshopped out :'(
  8. Sigh, I didn't have internet for 2 days... come back and this happens ! , sadly, I hope everything works out for T-ara, I feel bad for hwayoung.... but, I think if she didn't tweet anything back in response, no one would've suggested "bullying" and things can be resolved behind doors. What if there really wasn't any bullying? And if there were, I would report to some union, not the whole world. All the effort t-ara has put in has now been thrown away :'( !
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