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  1. I really wanted to see the whole choreography with the kids, but oh well still an awesome performance from them as usual.
  2. So boring! gonna go play marvel vs. capcom on my emulator.. :D

  3. Link doesn't work can u reupload this pls. thanks!
  4. ♥ Jiyeon Forever!!!

  5. If he just said, "Im sorry because i opened my mouth and caused this trouble." . I bet a lot of people will like him.
  6. Seriously, if they knew t-ara was going to appear in that show, why did they even bother watching. I mean they watched the show so that they would get pissed and have something to complain about? That's just retarded.
  7. I bet that kid would be too scared to accept this offer.
  8. I dont know who you are but i salute you for supporting t-ara.
  9. Wow finally a useful move by CCM, they've got brains after all.
  10. Well as long as it sells to the public they don't really care if its true or not.
  11. If they were underpaid, why doesnt he pay them more? >.< . And besides, its they're job to start with, its not like they are the only people in the world who are having a hard time doing their jobs.
  12. I feel so sorry for Eunjung, from all of them i think it was her who suffered the most. :(
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