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  1. This kind of case need to be solve, even Eunjung like to forget it and leave it as it is (fully understand her). This a case on a different level. It need to be solve according the rules and laws...
  2. ... That will be a bit overracted, don't you think. It is good to show your feeling but, sometime you really need to adjust it!
  3. I am hoping that she will get some time even it is a little to attend college, maybe a lot of ppl will not agree with me. But going to the college is a experience on it self and it will give you other views for in the future...
  4. Wayo, all solos, hhmmzzz that will be buying all those cd separate? why isn't there a full package?
  5. Wishing Eunjung all the best with MCing, it will be a lot of fun to see her preforming!
  6. This drama is good and i am very happy to see this. That should be at the first place, only happiness...
  7. Great news, but at the same time also worry about it. If CCM make a wrong decision it can be a problem... don't you think?
  8. Hahaha, very funny interview, is there a second part of it? But with that we know something more about them, but didn't expect what soyeon has say about her past...
  9. ???? Is it starting again? The respons of CCM on it is quit "strange", but please, leave it like that... think about the good things...
  10. busy busy, but that's life? As everybody is working hard, so keep working hard! (note: was there for work and couldn't go there... hhaaiizzz)
  11. Nice pic and nice photo shooting, a different style, and it give a other impression, nice nice and happy with it!
  12. Bwa, let see what will happen, in february they will start filming IRIS2, than everything will be clear, isn't it?
  13. Congratzz to T-ara, that is some good news and goodluck in year 2013!
  14. ... Will it stop or will it not? It seems T-ara can't have a more easy life... All the paparzi are looking on small things with a loop (a big one). Did CCM learn something from the past? That will be a open question...
  15. Really need to catchup, i am really out of date, stupid work that i need to do and all those projects =(
  16. OMG, are those ppl still that childish after so long time? Wake up please! Was happy to hear that T=ara face it profesional!
  17. On the mean while, i really hope they will release a digital version of this photo album, it should be very nice to see it on a tablet...
  18. hhhmmzzz, hope this is really the reason behind it, because the whole just need to happen around that time????
  19. juts back in town, have a lot to finish, just having time to pass by to a quick checkup on T-ara, very happy that they are back on track after all what is happen... goodluck with everything! Whoeps, forgotten to say, i am looking forward to see all the version of Sexy Love, still need to catch up with it... didn't see it only have listen to on radio...
  20. Wow, didn't know that HK are giving this treatment to the members of T-ara, but i am also happy to hear that they didn't take the offer and just the "normal" transportation. =D
  21. Goodluck to T-ara! It will be good move for the coming year... it's gonna be top year for the fans around Asia... hope i can be there too.. =S
  22. Haaiizz, wish i was also in HK on that time... but it can't be help... happy for the ppl and fans from HK!
  23. Haaiizz the same situation for both members... already have give my through about those reporter... to the team/members of Tara and Hwayoung keep on fighting and add oil!
  24. Damn... those reporters are trying everything to get to know more... i understand you guys need to do it for your work because higher up there ppls that are commanding you to do it, but sometime in the real world you need to be a profesional... please be a human... hhaaiizzz
  25. She better take some time to rest and don't over work herself... otherwise it will get worser... it is a car accident!
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