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  1. Lol how can people say that Eunjungs rap is better then Danis's without even hearing her's? And from what I heard from the other japanese tour where Dani sang a bit, she owned big time. I really liked it. As for Ahreum, then I admit. But stil, hyomin and eunjung usually have a bunch more lines then the other members. Just give them a chance. I seriously hope to see Dani doing the rap part.
  2. As some people are saying here... I really doubt this article speaks the truth... there is no way antis wouldn't post videos + pics if a true black ocean occurred plus hwayoung cheering. They would definetly use it to torture t-ara fans. Even allkpop didn't post it like this. And we know how they love to make drama.
  3. Are you f****** serious? can't hey have a little peace... and just after she spoke to the public about the situation and what happened... and now this? well at least it seems it isn't anything serious but hope she gets well soon!
  4. T-jinyo has 340 000 members or more... most of them just randomers that had nothing better to do... If they are spreading it... then it is not a decision made by the group but provably one of the idiots who had nothing better to do. Provably saw that everything was calming down and decided to have a little fun. It will be stupid if Queens start accusing them of it.
  5. Yeah this just proves my theory that most of the people that are/were bashing and criticizing them, are all just random people that had literally nothing better to do. If they actually cared a bit besides going out of their boring lives, t-ara wouldn't be the group that got first in those votes with 81%.
  6. I think it was a good option getting Eunjung to sing Hwayoung's part, but I hope they at least give more screen time to Boram, Qri and Soyeon since Jiyeon Hyomin and Eunjung now have an absurd amount of parts provably...
  7. Oh damn I am saving this, thanks for posting, where I am staying right now my internet does not support watching long stuff, and I want to get the full episode haha.
  8. Yes this is what I have been trying to express, I don't think there are many people that WANT to see t-ara fall because they don't like them or whatever. I do believe most of them simply don't have anything better to do then this.
  9. Well apparently T-ara did pretty well in the charts considering all the mess. So hopefully, it didn't affect them that much. But I want to see their next show, I really really want, just to see how the public will react. And the girls as well, to see how it affected them as well.
  10. Actually I don't think most of them wanted to see t-ara fall so they started all this. They just want destruction, whoever the group is. I can bet most of them didn't even know t-ara very well before this. If it was with another group the only thing that would change would be the people defending them. But the huge majority would still bash them. Whoever they were. Yeah, some of them don't want the truth because it doesn't match what they want to hear, but others, and I fear it is a lot of people, just don't give a damn about the truth (or lies even), because they find more fun this way.
  11. I agree with you, it doesn't rule out the possibility that bullying did occur in any point in time. But they were together for 20 months. I don't know how many people can suffer from bullying for 20 months or more and still keep a happy face, I think she would have at least quit sooner. Besides how did all this start? Because of some simple tweets, that could have been interpreted another way. I think that if bullying did in fact occur, problems would have arisen a lot sooner. And i am not talking about fights that always happens doesn't matter what kind of group etc, because that is how the world works, but about real bullying. And we don't really know how the girls really are, only what they show us, so instead of speculating on how they really are, I will base my belief in what I have seen from them so far. And from what I have seen I don't believe there was bullying occurring, but that is just me (and I think that is what most people here believe also).
  12. The public will believe the media if and when they want to believe. For there are already a lot of other articles circulating around that defends them and with many more facts with some sort of base then the suppositions or lies we are seeing. But I agree that the media is generally trying to bash them. Witch actually makes sense because people pay much more attention and are much more interested in those kinds of story then in story were t-ara helps puppys. Sad but true, and it could have been any other group with the same reaction, t-ara was just unlucky. So yeah, most of the public don't care about the truth, they just want some scandal to talk/complain about.
  13. omg I thought the E-X-A-C-T same thing... Jesus... grow up indeed. I am loosing respect for Korean netizen by the minute apparently... don't like it, don't watch it. Why is MBC wrong for just airing the thing? And they are angry because T-ara are happy in the video?! So apparently they want t-ara to appear devastated from now on (even if it was something pre-recorded. Wow what maturity. And they call t-ara bullys... funny.
  14. Wow, I didn't expect this. But I did like it a lot... there are some saying that nothing was explained, but this is a positive step. I think now is past the time for explanations... It would just add more fuel, and we don't need that. But the apology is a big step especially for KKS. He admitted some of the guilt, I don't see why people are bashing him for this, honestly. As much as I don't like him, this was the right move now.
  15. Oh please, I hope she do come back later when the dust has all settled. But till then... rest well.
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