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  1. Basically, this is what i've been waiting over a year for. I'm so excited. But seriously why do you guys automatically jump to Dani? It was clearly mentioned in the article that it would be a 6 member comeback, so chill out. Stay positive please :|
  2. Her Korean was smooth and well delivered, her dancing was average--the choreography wasn't anything spectacular, the song was good, but she's come a long way. She didn't look like the awkward kid we were introduced to last year. I'm proud of her and I'll enjoy watching her improve from here. She did very well, and I think many people are being probably more critical of Dani than they would any other rookie, which is hardly fair. Please remember this is the 12 year old kid who decided to vacation in Korea and got picked up off a street corner for the chance of a life time. Who wouldn't take that opportunity? I don't think she deserves all the negativity that's happening right now, and the people who are dishing it out should be embarrassed of themselves. We've spent the last year trying to shed the image of 'bullies' and people are now spending their time bullying a 14 year old who may very well one day end up being a member of T-ara. It's sick.
  3. This topic is about T-ara's comeback, not semantics about T-ara's origin. If you wish to discuss the 5 vs 6 member 'original' line up, please make a topic in discussions and let this topic be about the comeback. All off topic posts have been deleted.
  4. Tiaradiadem Official Shoutbox Rules We want people of all ages to have a safe, fun time on Diadem. Using our shoutbox is a privilege and all Diadem staff members have the right to suspend you from using it should they feel you are breaking the rules. Listen to the moderators. If they say you're doing something prohibited in the shoutbox you must stop what you're doing. 01. Do not cuss. - Do not try and get around the filter we have in place to prevent cussing. 02. Please keep the topics in the shoutbox RESPECTFUL. - Keep it family friendly. Don't discuss drugs, sex, or illegal activities. Do not disrespect T-ara or other artists. (This includes perverted in-depth discussions about body parts.) Treat every member of shoutbox with respect. RACISM/HOMOPHOBIA IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED. 03. Do not share or ask for download links (including torrents) - This includes audio, video, software, firmware or any other media prohibited by copyright. 04. STAY POSITIVE. - We've been through a lot together and T-ara is still fighting, so do not turn every single rumor/post by an anti-fan into the end of the world. It's good for your health too. 05. We encourage the use of English as the main language of the shoutbox - However, other languages are okay, too. Use your best judgement and be considerate of other users. We encourage you to: Help out with anyone who is having some problems. (e.g problem logging in/finding pics) Be friendly, don't ignore or talk to just one or two people. Include everyone when you are starting a conversation. If there is a new member, welcome them and encourage them to read the rules. Also direct them to T-ara content that may help them love our girls even more! (Dream Girls, Hello Baby, etc.) Remember, as a Queen's on T-ara's largest international fansite, each and every one of us are representatives of what it is to be a T-ara fan. Always be friendly, helpful and respectful! Qridoesntcare Global Moderator Tiaradiadem Forums
  5. qridoesntcare

    130514 3

    Snoop dogg is 6'4 T-ara's around 5'6
  6. Hello! For future reference, we ask that you do not directly link to photos from K-fansites such as Hyomdot, Jingdot, Falling-U, Eunchannet, For the one, and Meldot. While the logos were kept in the pictures, we prefer to stay on the safe side by just not doing it, and we ask members to do the same. As a reminder, pictures with logos cropped out are an absolute NO-NO, and repeated offenders will be subjected to discretion by moderators. The photo you posted has been edited out of your p...

  7. Sorry..I did what?Sorry again..i just shouted on the sbox and went lurking other section.Wasn't planning to stay on sbox.Sorry again baby *bows*

  8. Wayyyyyyyyyy to blow me off in the sbox. So not cool.


  10. FOUND YOU QRIDOESNTCARE ='D what an achievement <3

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      Wtf I didn't even know this was here~

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      HAHAHA took awhile huh you don't check your profile regularly X'D

    3. qridoesntcare
  11. Leave a message it said... so Hi! it's lord noodles!

  12. I am so gutted. This is a circus. So many different ways he could have handled this situation, finger pointing at someone who the media has already made a victim isn't the way to go. Treating Hwayoung like this has already got my blood boiling, but putting the other member's names in danger is unforgivable. I refuse to believe anything this man says until there are pictures/videos of said incident. This is just an incredible example of horrible management and leadership skills from CCM. I feel so bad for ALL of the girls.
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