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  1. RT @sukiqri: #큐리 #은정 #효민 #지연 @QriPretty @taraeunjung1212 @b89530 @pjy1234 do not repost, trace, or use! https://t.co/KInXJLcYs1

  2. RT @Jingtato: Roses are red Violets are blue Goodbye MBK We will not miss you https://t.co/0LIHu94Y25

  3. RT @Unexplained: Less than 10% of the world's oceans have been explored. https://t.co/IxaoOB8xur

  4. RT @frealuvsuga: I want to cherish this moment forever. #Shawols #SHINee #Jonghyun https://t.co/V627OtdH0N

  5. RT @T2_nguyen: Q&A with Qri. Q: Describe yourself in 5 words. (I expected her to list 5 characteristics But her answer is:) Qri: T-A Ra Q-R…

  6. RT @T_ARAMYSupport: 2017.11.24 T-ARA @ K-Pop Music Wave in Penang https://t.co/eZ5tbD3AMb

  7. RT @_ParkMinyeon: Jiyeon’s father left a comment .. look how cute when she say “appa” https://t.co/XTATBbATtb

  8. RT @songdip: SORRY I MAD @OfficialMwave THANKS FOR ALL xxxx. https://t.co/8UiZ084ceB

  9. Đm ăn cá viên mà cũng đẹp v hả https://t.co/696fjk7pTD

  10. So proud of unnie https://t.co/7iwYU5tQfR

  11. RT @AMAJING93: 아아아아아아아아아 보고싶다아아아아아아아아아 https://t.co/1Qb2ahnK0a

  12. Lâu rồi không luyện fanfic

  13. RT @tiaradiadem: Happy Birthday to our beautiful angel Soyeon! We miss you and your heavenly voice ❤️@sohotmelody #HBD_SOYEON #오늘_소연이_생일_외쳐…

  14. #NewProfilePic https://t.co/JQbG2SiRq0

  15. Ông moe hết phần thiên hạ rồi https://t.co/VPlQ9dinUf

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