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  1. Really glad she is diversified. That way you're not bound to only 1 field of expertise. All the best !!
  2. 14 years old in Korean age is 13 years old here. My god, she's only starting high school ><
  3. Hyomin really outdid herself with her red hair. very striking and hot at the same time
  4. I always love the fact that all the MV they produce are long and with story lines. Unlike girl generation MV. No haters here. I'm just saying
  5. Being competitive is good. But being too competitive can ruin the fun of performing on stage. Glad they think that way
  6. but my first impression of her in Invincible Youth kinda ruins everything lol. She's always Sunny's sunflower
  7. I still think personally the average age of each girl group is getting younger and younger -.-
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