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  1. im so glad shes back to making music and looking great at the same time ^^. I am a regular at her channel too
  2. wow super awesome news. ever since the cry cry/ld dbd/sl series i have been patiently waiting for another and now there will be 6 more on the way. daebak
  3. hmm i am wondering whether they are going to change the concept now. reshoot it and then launch it.
  4. i was away from diadem and when i logined, this is the first best thing that i read. Simple awesome. Cant wait to see her in the movie. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. woopedidoo daaaa this just made my day . always hoped that the members would start participating more and more in other aspects . 2 days is a very painful time that does not feel like coming to an end
  6. nice work on the look and feel of the site and colour combintaions. Had a few things to comment on though. the latest news on the top right with its plain white on a pic doesnt look very nice for me. Is there any way to teask it to give it a bit of translucence? also in the main forum , there is too much white without any diffrenciation between the various parts. the pale green for the threads are not contrasted very well. The top header also seem to be scattered bits with nothing to connect them. the varying size of the events on a picture background at the bottom with a huge spce on top seems strange. These are personal thoughts and please do take it as constructive criticism. I do not mean to write these as someone who doesnt like change.
  7. i was crying while reading this . im so happy that she is getting all these opportunities. She deserves a lot more. me too looking forward to the duet
  8. wow. didnt expect that at all . now ive got to set my timer for aug 1
  9. jungieeeee mymy no word to describe her in this episode
  10. what i was afraid of has happened . im going to loose a lot of money when this comes out all the limited if i can and all the normal ones .
  11. jungie looks so great in this Does anyone know when the other sons will be previewed
  12. t-ara strikes again cant stop repeating this in my head....
  13. whoa now i wonder how the person who dances this song in a party will feel like
  14. hmm i think it is best to comment after the broadcast and not before. i think before we go about making armchair expert guesses as to why this broadcast is there, let us just watch it. as queen's i think we should do that
  15. areum is good here. nice voice. i was a bit apprehensive when she joined but i must say i was mistaken when i thought she was not good
  16. not really... i guess you could say that they asked her leave... she said no maybe.. went ahead with filming. the pds then decided to go ahead after session and kicked her out
  17. i had been gone for some time because of a thesis work i had to do.. I come back and i had to read this... i dont know what to say
  18. to all those who wants the girls to tell the truth i have only 3 things to say which have already been mentioned here a) i dont think they are in a mental state to face the media right now if they say the exact same thing as kks how many ppl would believe them c) to force them to say the truth and keep asking for it is not right i think and makes their situation only worse. the most we can do is keep supporting them and wait for them to say about it when they are comfortable about it. not whenwe want them to say it.
  19. I dont believe kks completely after the past few days. but reading your comment esp part 3 cleary says you have made your own truth. and unless he says what you want him to say, you will keep saying the same thing "nothing beats the truth". If i am wrong abt this im sorry.
  20. explanation would be nice..... However even if the bulling claims are quashed, people would then want to know what happened. right now an explanation would hurt one of the sides i think .
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