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  1. Yaw q pu mag clinic today

  2. So yeah Logan Paul, you definitely crossed the line

  3. The "dapat kasi umalis na ako kanina pa eh, wala na gabi na" pag sisisi ?

  4. "If I can't help myself breathe properly, it's better to stop breathing at all"

  5. I need more rice crispies in my life

  6. When anxiety just hits you

  7. My brother told me Steam just gave Watchdogs for free last week whyyyyyyy ???

  8. Mahal na mahal ko talaga ang traffic ng Valenzuela eh ??

  9. Episode 10 pa sila nagkita, para saan po yung 1-9? Grabe yung pag build up ng writers, gahd napagtiisan ko.

  10. There's gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me

  11. It will always be the little things :')

  12. RT @kwentongupd: Joey de Leon, people suffering from depression may commit self-inflicted harm and even suicide. Remember, Pepsi Paloma?

  13. RT @andeyadv: puta naman carlito https://t.co/1F1azCABwx

  14. RT @petshyun: Kairita ang world

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