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  1. I, of course, agree with him and applaud him. It's nice that someone still supports Eunjung & T-ARA. I wish more people would say something or at least get over it already. It isn't right to treat people like dirt just because you think they did something wrong -- but I won't get into that. Celebrities have done worse things and didn't receive so much hate as T-ARA have. It saddens me really that they've had to go through so much between constantly promoting, receiving hate and everything else.
  2. I doubt anything good will come of this but then again, I have no idea what is going to be talked about on the program. Realistically it isn't like things can get any worse. Eh, whatever, I probably won't watch it because for me watching people cry is contagious and I don't want to cry or see T-ARA crying (no matter what the reason).
  3. Well, that's good for T-ARA but I don't really see the point of them handing the award over to Dani. Sure "encouragement" or whatever, but it isn't like she worked for that award~ I don't know, I guess it just annoys me a little bit. ^^;
  4. I'm still not sure how I feel about Dani joining the group but hopefully it will all work out and she won't face too much hate. I don't really care much for 5Dolls but maybe my view on them will change with their next comeback! ^^
  5. I'm not sure if this is exactly for the best. I mean, justice is nice and all but if it all goes wrong things could get worse. Hopefully nothing bad comes of this though. ^^ What they did was terrible to Eunjung.
  6. This is good news. It's so cool that fans in Malaysia are showing their support for T-ARA. I hope everything goes well. ^^ Fighting!
  7. That's good. I'm glad they're being treated well - hopefully it stays this way. I hope T-ARA does well in Hong Kong! ^^
  8. Well, that's interesting. But why is there still negative reactions? Do netizens have nothing better to do than criticize every little thing T-ara or CCM do? What a rude bunch of people~
  9. Well, I'm very excited about this piece of news! But seriously... that cover :/ Why? 7st? Actually, the English on there is just really bad in general - I hope they fix that.
  10. Smart words - if only people would listen. The entire T-ARA situation blew out of control because of immaturity and rumors. Oh, well.
  11. Well, even if nothing is set in stone, I hope T-ARA have their comeback soon. Maybe it isn't the right time, but I'm selfish and don't want them to keep pushing back the comeback~ ^^
  12. I wonder if this will actually change anything though. K-netizens aren't really the forgiving type it sometimes seems. But hopefully this is a step in the right direction. ^^
  13. Wow, that is just terrible. I think the public in Korea has way too much control over the entertainment industry. It is just so ridiculous - I don't even have a coherent thought to speak of.
  14. The writer made some good points and I agree with her. CCM could have handled everything a lot better and now T-ARA are suffering. I'm still hoping for the best however. ^^ I hope Haeundae Lover's does well!
  15. Wow, this is all just so crazy. One bad thing after another seems to be happening. Oh well, I just hope Eunjung is alright emotionally. But she probably needs this break anyways. ^^
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