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  1. I, of course, agree with him and applaud him. It's nice that someone still supports Eunjung & T-ARA. I wish more people would say something or at least get over it already. It isn't right to treat people like dirt just because you think they did something wrong -- but I won't get into that. Celebrities have done worse things and didn't receive so much hate as T-ARA have. It saddens me really that they've had to go through so much between constantly promoting, receiving hate and everything else.
  2. I doubt anything good will come of this but then again, I have no idea what is going to be talked about on the program. Realistically it isn't like things can get any worse. Eh, whatever, I probably won't watch it because for me watching people cry is contagious and I don't want to cry or see T-ARA crying (no matter what the reason).
  3. Well, that's good for T-ARA but I don't really see the point of them handing the award over to Dani. Sure "encouragement" or whatever, but it isn't like she worked for that award~ I don't know, I guess it just annoys me a little bit. ^^;
  4. I'm still not sure how I feel about Dani joining the group but hopefully it will all work out and she won't face too much hate. I don't really care much for 5Dolls but maybe my view on them will change with their next comeback! ^^
  5. I'm not sure if this is exactly for the best. I mean, justice is nice and all but if it all goes wrong things could get worse. Hopefully nothing bad comes of this though. ^^ What they did was terrible to Eunjung.
  6. This is good news. It's so cool that fans in Malaysia are showing their support for T-ARA. I hope everything goes well. ^^ Fighting!
  7. That's good. I'm glad they're being treated well - hopefully it stays this way. I hope T-ARA does well in Hong Kong! ^^
  8. Well, that's interesting. But why is there still negative reactions? Do netizens have nothing better to do than criticize every little thing T-ara or CCM do? What a rude bunch of people~
  9. Well, I'm very excited about this piece of news! But seriously... that cover :/ Why? 7st? Actually, the English on there is just really bad in general - I hope they fix that.
  10. Smart words - if only people would listen. The entire T-ARA situation blew out of control because of immaturity and rumors. Oh, well.
  11. Well, even if nothing is set in stone, I hope T-ARA have their comeback soon. Maybe it isn't the right time, but I'm selfish and don't want them to keep pushing back the comeback~ ^^
  12. I wonder if this will actually change anything though. K-netizens aren't really the forgiving type it sometimes seems. But hopefully this is a step in the right direction. ^^
  13. Wow, that is just terrible. I think the public in Korea has way too much control over the entertainment industry. It is just so ridiculous - I don't even have a coherent thought to speak of.
  14. The writer made some good points and I agree with her. CCM could have handled everything a lot better and now T-ARA are suffering. I'm still hoping for the best however. ^^ I hope Haeundae Lover's does well!
  15. Wow, this is all just so crazy. One bad thing after another seems to be happening. Oh well, I just hope Eunjung is alright emotionally. But she probably needs this break anyways. ^^
  16. I don't really follow WGM, but even so... at least Eunjung won't be so burdened with a super busy schedule and she will have a little bit more free time hopefully. ^^
  17. This is a good thing! Maybe Soyeon will be able to recover from the accident fully. I'm glad she is able to rest for longer at least.
  18. Eunjung seems strong and I hope she can stay that way. I hope her drama does well and that reporters will drop the "T-ARA Situation" already. They should know by now that they aren't going to get any info about it at the moment. Anyway, I hope Eunjung's drama does well. ^^
  19. I hope she and her company let her properly recover from the accident. It will only get worse if she doesn't heal properly and rest. It's so frustrating the way CCM treats their artists. >_< Being in a drama may be important to her but her health should come first.
  20. I don't really see why everyone is so angry at the reporter, when have reporters ever actually acted professionaly or listened to people properly? Just shrug it off. It's sad that Hyomin cried but at least she handled the situation polietly unlike the reporter. ^^
  21. Wow, I can't believe how many bad things have been happening to this group lately. Everything was going well and now it's just one incident after another. It's sad. I hope Soyeon is doing well and that there will be no lasting effects from this accident.
  22. Well, it's good to see that it looks like she is moving on to another comapny. I wonder who she will sign with in the end. Hopefully she has a bright future ahead of her and she goes to a company that will treat her better!
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