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  1. I know people are going to dismiss my words since this is my first post here, but I'm going to post anyway. I think that if there's anything that needs to be brought to light, it needs to be everything that happened during this Music Bank broadcast. Right now we're hearing KKS saying it's completely Hwayoung's fault and this industry insider saying that there was more too it. If we could just understand what happened, even if it may seem bad, it will help because it's the truth. Because without the whole truth, people just make their own, which is far worse. Semi-offtopic, but I think the absolute best thing that could happen for the group is for all the members to refuse to perform until Hwayoung is back, or at least fairly offered and talked to about rejoining with the girls present. I think this would quell a lot of the bullying claims, show that T-ara really is close, be a positive way for Hwayoung to rejoin T-ara without people complaining that "she's going because of her sister" or "she's just going to bullied again," and in the end KKS would be shown as the clear bad guy, which isn't news to anyone.
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