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  1. I heard that this was recorded even before the incident. But I don't really care if T-ara pops up like this. Heehee~
  2. I KNEW T-ARA WEREN'T BULLLIES! I have faith in my girls, man. X) &&now, I feel happier the whole fake rumors are going down. Fighting, T-ara! This is all over with.
  3. I DON'T THINK IT'S OVER-DRAMATIC. I feel it was really hard for them to take it. It's tough, man. I understand them. They were a successful group, and they worked hard. However all of a sudden, it goes downhill just because of some stupid tweets. I feel them.
  4. Awwe. Hwayoung, I accept your apology even after all the sh*t you did.
  5. I'm alright if Hwayoung come back. I'm not hurt at all. She had just misbehaved. Plus, she may have been an outcast due to being so shy, but I'm sure she was never bullied or been mistreated by the girls. I feel Hwayoung just felt lonely, therefore she felt left out. It's sad though, that some fans of T-ara even backstabbed them. They didn't understand. I guess as a true and strong Queen, we don't need those stupid fans back & their stupid pity too.
  6. Can't even really tell if it's her. But o well. I'm not exactly sure if it's supposed to be a good or bad thing that the photo is up. However, she apologized, so that's good enough.
  7. It's good that they're on break. I think T-ara needs it. Fighting, T-ara!!!
  8. You know it's serious when it's taken to the parents. Thanks god I can relax now. Hearing this kinda makes me happy, because I feel like it's almost over.
  9. There's no reason for them to be kicked out of their drama. They are dedicated workers && gladly, SBS & KBS are willing to cope with them because these are only rumors.
  10. PEOPLE JUST WRITING xxxx AGAIN. But then they said good words about Hyomin, so I don't see what's wrong with that. But this is bunch of xxxx. It doesn't even make sense with the whole incident. I SIGNED IT AS A PROUD QUEEN.
  11. YEAH!! RIGHT ON TO THOSE HATERS! I knew these articles were fake. Damn! Never knew people had no f*ckn life to post up fake ass xxxx like this. Makes me mad!
  12. I just need everything to come out straight and clear. This is all getting out of control. I really want T-ara to speak up about it though.
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