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  1. I was so happy last night when I saw T-ara on french TV!!! I watched all the show, but the moment I saw the girls I screamed in front of my TV So touching to hear Soyeon singing
  2. I'm so happy to see them on stage again. I was waiting for this and now, are we are!!
  3. I'm a little afraid that people start criticize because the "little t-ara" are too young for a sexy dance... But I'm so happy to see the comeback!!
  4. I love this concept and the photos! Thanks for the HD pics
  5. I like the concept picture, slightly less the cover... I can't wait for the september 3rd!!
  6. Qri will the next leader, I think. And this is a good think, in all this mess she was the neutral one, and the less bashed by haters! She has a beautiful handwritting!
  7. I hope this is the beginning of solmething better for the girls, and that this letter will made the things better than they are right now.
  8. What a wise woman! I'm glad to see some people stand for the girls. The cast and staff of Haeundae Lovers seem to be really nice to Soyeon!
  9. I just hope the girls will be fine and nothing bad will happen to them. I'm happy to see them again, I'm just worried, but we just have to wait until the comeback, and then, see what will happen...
  10. Thank you for the translation. I hope the tweet will bring some good things for the girls. But I'm sure haters will search the a secret code in the message like they did before...
  11. I'm happy that we can see them again, but I hope they will really be there I don't want to be desapointed again... And I also hope that nothing bad will happen to them when they will go on stage!
  12. I hope they can do something to defend her! What Five Fingers production team does to her was not right at all, especially the announcement through press!
  13. Her family is the better for her in this sad periode... She must feels so bad and so sad.
  14. Finally someone wise is talking! When he says "I will not give up", this make my heart warmer. I'm so grateful for his support!
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