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  1. Cant waiitt for the MV. Their outfit in pre release photos were so cutee ><
  2. OMG they all looked super gorgeous!! I like the the concept which pictorial like and seems chic-high end. I hope the song will be great and do well. FIGHTING T-ara FIGHTING QUEEN'S! Lets prepare for broke september because of the the album and all merchandise we will buy
  3. I lovee fake it so much, been replying the performance over and over again because its just soo great. I hope she will perform this somg again for her next stage. I also love her outfit for fake it, <3
  4. Park Dinooo kiyowooo~~~ it seems she really had fun at the stage :3
  5. Yess agreed...Her album is 3rd in physical sales. I wonder if we can help the digitals sales because most charts depends on it :/
  6. Hull so luckyy for the fans there. Hope i can get to t-ara events later...*sob
  7. She placed 7th *sob. waee it drops i :"( well im so proud of queen's though for the effort, lets fight again!
  8. The fan chant! Daebak!! So happy for her winning the solo battle
  9. Rude passerby.................why Jiyeon is crying. It's heart wrenching ( :( :( :( :( :( :( Let's wait for the full show to see what actually happen
  10. I really lke the video >< its super fun and catchy. Makes me wanna dance along with it
  11. i smile a lot because of this. It's so funny ) number nine really is a good song!
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