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  1. i love it when celebrities support each other. and learn each other dances. T-ara fighting
  2. wonder what ga-in thinks about this. she's going to be jealous. but i think its fine that celebrities of opposite sex of each others number. jo kwon is like close with yoona - you can see it on FO2. he's close with a lot of celebrities. but i wonder how hyomin and jo kwon got to know each other
  3. netizens these day need to find a life. making a big thing out of nothing. im pretty sure she didnt swear because she's aware the camera is rolling.
  4. who ever realized this and decided to make it such a big issue is >.<" it's normal to wear it. she's a human afterall. netizens should leave her alone and let celebrities wear whatever they want
  5. i love their pairing on invincible youth! they're so cute. "forever sun" how adorable of hyomin to say it. but they're going to split :/ i hope they'll still be friends even wen they not on the show
  6. love the singers to this OST list. not only are t-ara member singing but ock ju hyun is too! i love ju hyun and of course eun jung too
  7. very steamy! its so smart of the company to ask a girl group to be advertisers of it. it will definitely attract people to go to the waterpark
  8. through a CF? thats quite interesting. i think its better that its through a CF because their promoting something. japanese citizens can see them in action wen recording for the CF
  9. i love the pictures that she posted and took. theres even some animation and things on it! (: cant wait to watch it. i love coffee so its another factor to y its pulling me to the show
  10. i don't like how people pretend to be a "celebrity". they're just giving false hope to his/her fans. i hope the T-ara members get twitter soon. and not impostors
  11. i think boram's dad is using brown eye girls as his expectation for her. i'm pretty sure he loves T-ara more than brown eye girls
  12. not used to the change. hyomin will no longer be stucking onto sunny :'( but no matter what I'm still going to support the show and hyomin. i wonder who the other 2 replacement will be. yuri & sunny </3
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