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  1. omo they could act in pirates of the caribbean - they look so amazing
  2. nana.mie


    lol that dude behind minnie XD
  3. Qri is my bias and I'm really happy, however, I'm worried aswell. Will she be able to be a good leader? She is shy, quiet and reserved. She'll have to talk a lot more than she did up until now. And after watching Princess T-ARA I'm even more worried. Anyway, they should just enjoy their free time now and rest properly and I'll be looking forward to their next comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. nana.mie


    omg - so gorgeous ^^
  5. nana.mie

    130514 3

    lol no, thats not snoop dog
  6. nana.mie


    seriously, I don't find ahreum pretty at all. she always makes such a weird face. she's doing that stupid looking thing with her mouth and eyebrows. but she looked way better with dark hair
  7. nana.mie

    1 Qri

    qri looks gorgeous with short hair.
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