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  1. Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Pagi!

  2. CCM is so funny. bringing Hwayoung in and then kicked her out as they pleased. is this somekind of cheap publicity

  3. yes that is true as well but maybe they can follow Love Rain footsteps. the rating applies to only those in So. Korea but if they sold the drama worldwide they may get more than they bargain
  4. that's more like it. stick with professionalism and you can educate the haters. they need to understand that you can't always get want you want your way
  5. it's a hollow statement. they've got no proof. pointing fingers after a storm, it's so immature
  6. be strong people. you'll get through this. it's just a bump along the road
  7. let just say there is 100 t-ara supporters. if 10 hateful messages means that 10 people is not going to watch the drama, so meaning that 90 people still going to watch it. stop looking at haters because there are still lovers.just because there are 10 people who don't want eunjung to be in the drama, you will neglect the other 90?
  8. wow he sure is a fan of her. his support is great but with t-ara popularity is hard for tv to survive without them. there's a lot of music program and drama that need support/cast from idol group.
  9. they all should just leave that company. or the company should change their CEO.
  10. watching Idol Olympic 2012

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