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  1. can i have your selfie for my t-shirt ?

  2. queens are snakehunt these days. me too.

  3. 7 years with T-ara !!

  4. remains the k-pop queens of asia. they should travel more, so by the time they hit back to korea, it's a long awaited event. pricey ? for sure.
  5. hopes it a decent documentary. but it's always a great news to see the girls back on tv show.
  6. finally..T-ara has comeback ! if you smeellellelelelelelell what CCM is cooking !
  7. hyomin got really matured..t-ara got matured....yes hyomin i will wait ! t-ara N4 fighting !
  8. this is my hangeul name >> 문차우센

    1. munchausen


      thanks to zee for helping me with the korean ^^

  9. People say ‘it’s boring’ — as if that were a final standard of appeal, and no work of art had the right to bore us

  10. 100.000 fans .. japan fan really appreciate T-ara more fans will anticipate more of T-ara to visit and perform in their country. How many people it would be, if every fan in the world gathered...an island..
  11. the video is already private on youtube...another source please? i really want to see it...
  12. more work , more food. is this the kind of logic that CCM use ? or is it generally happen in k-pop entertainment industry ?
  13. dani were just trying to say that she will work hard for her sisters, not for her company. stay strong dani, learn some taekwondo kick from your unnie too.
  14. you only get the glimpse, but never a single detail will pleased you. those tv program poke your consciousness , aaand .... boy, that escalated quickly.
  15. maybe there will be more picture of them together, since i believe its part of CCM's promotion act to gain more attention to those girls..
  16. why the article pairing up those girls ? promote each other ? but its worth to wait for what kind of concept do CCM have for Dani, back to 'neko dance' ? or rapper style like ttl...
  17. If you can’t excel with talent, then triumph with effort

  18. t-ara for education ? sounds nice, maybe t-ara member will make it to educational textbook ?
  19. russian queen's jjang ! i hope to see more message from another country too, especially europe !
  20. at last, legal action on its way. It will never be the same again after this lawsuit proceed between Eunjung and SBS. may justice on the right side. Stay Strong T-ara !
  21. asia tour is coming. T-ara will have their busy days with queen's and everybody will be happy. stay strong t-ara, stay strong.
  22. whispering behind closed doors

  23. T-ara all over asia ! Queen's will have their best for next year ! hope for intercontinental tour also !
  24. korean didnt really know how to treat T-ara ? let Japan and Hong Kong give them examples.
  25. worldwide robotic movement ! T-aratic ! let people know about sexy love, aint nothin without them
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