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  1. hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Well, this might be weird, but we all know that the girls will be overstocked! LOL xD
  3. Glad that the girls are getting the recognition that they deserve. Looking forward to the release.
  4. Haha.. Im just holding my emotions on the inside. If I let it loose, I will die and possibly wake up the entire neighborhood. xDD Thanks for sharing Elly.
  5. LAWL! I just got the job! xD Fancy meeting you here. xD Harro!

  6. ROFL MONKAAAY! I never knew you MODERATE?? LOLOL! Why do I find that funny? :D Kekee. HARRO LOOOSA (=

  7. haha yep! its been pretty clean so far since there hasnt been much going on. ive been trying to find something to post in her thread

  8. Yep! We must keep Qri's section rockin. xD

  9. Oou wow 4 sections hehe thats cool. woott so youll be helping me moderate our qris thread^^

  10. Um.. The News, Art, Spam and Qri sections.

  11. hehe well the more help the better. so which threads do you modetate?

  12. Haha, yeah. Im excited to help DD become the best T-ara forum.

  13. haha yea no problem :) i just noticed that your user was blue since before i saw it like gray or something

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