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  1. There's too much photoshop and I think they'd look better without it, but they still look good! I love their outfits, Jiyeon, Hyomin & Soyeon look great in pink. Qri's sophisticated as always lol.
  2. The MV was...a mess. I think it had a good concept, but was not executed as well as it could have been. I liked the colours, though. Another thing - it was extremely flashy, which is not healthy for some. The ladies of T-ara look absolutely gorgeous! Eunjung's hair was perfect. They're all look so stunning, though, I can't pick out anything I really disliked about what their stylists did. Song was good. Though...was Jiyeon rapping? Her and Eunjung's rap kind of sounded like Hyomin to me, but it was interesting to see. The line distribution was pretty equal here. It was great to hear Boram and Qri more! Their voices are nice.
  3. Wow, I'm gone. As expected, the ladies look flawless. Loving the concept of these photos. I really like Eunjung and Hyomin's dresses, as well.
  4. I'm really unhappy they made her lose weight. However, I'm extremely excited for her solo debut. It seems like there might be something to do with ballet. I'm praying it's not a ballad lol, even though I know she's better at those. I'm not sure how successful she'll be because of the others promoting right now, but I definitely look forward to this!
  5. Diadem always has such great April Fool's day stuff

  6. I love T-ara, but this was...idek. I liked it, but also didn't. Not sure how I feel. What I know clearly though is, HYOMIN SHOULD HAVE RAPPED INSTEAD OF THAT GUY. I really enjoyed their solo lines, but the rest was really strange.
  7. Areum looks much better in that picture than the first one. Jiyeon and Eunjung look flawless. Hyomin's glasses and jacket...erm.
  8. They all look great! But Areum needs more time to get used to photo shoots and stuff, her expression is slightly awkward (but still cute), I think she still gets nervous.
  9. Ugh, she looks gorgeous. Unlike some, I really don't think that's too much skin. She looks sexy and it seems to fit their concept well.
  10. Holy- My queen looks GORGEOUS, loving the hair. Her lips are so pink too. I can't wait to see the other teaser photos. I'm super excited for their release (but I'll miss my flawless bbs Soyeon, Qri and Boram)
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