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  1. They won Best song of January 2012, with Lovey Dovey
  2. She looks so good with that hairstyle! She should do it more often.
  3. Daebak! Too bad it doesnt have as much attention as allkpop though
  4. Areum is so much thinner than when she debuted :/ She's gorgeous though
  5. This performance was awesome! Soyeon looked amazing and so did Areum!
  6. I loved the part where it showed their bare faces..so pretty
  7. Thanks for the translation and please do more and keep improving!
  8. im just waiting for akpoop to report this...massive shitstorm will ensue

  9. they should've left earlier imo @kckclalala haha leaving korea is a good thing for them tbh lol look at how happy they are to see their fans

  10. LMAO RT @Leo_Rising Stop asking #Leo who they are texting, they are tweeting. Texting requires friends

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