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    Dandelina reacted to Darkbend in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    Well this is a nice and well thought out statement and I salute it!
    Now... I just wanted to point out some things.
    Deserving to be bullied
    I agree to this, no one deserves to be bullied by anyone for whatever reason, its an evil act that doesn't only inflict physical pain but emotional as well. The one being bullied could be traumatized for life without the proper support.
    Beauty Salon
    This one I've never seen any evidence of but if it was indeed true then it is a bit distasteful to an extent. The team is working hard practicing for a performance, tensions are high, fatigue has set in, tempers are a bit volatile. I understand that maybe Hwa didn't wanna go far from the dance studio thats why she didnt go home to rest. But of course this will be received by the others negatively, I know I would. If this went on to the attention of fans after the controversy don't you think they deserve to be a little miffed about it? I mean it was a time for work, I don't know if she was on the clock but if they did have working hours and she was pampering herself then of course it would be received as negative. By anyone
    Ah my favorite subject since it is what started this whole mess. Okay first, Hymoin's tweet followed by the other 2 girls. I've read them, dont wanna look for them anymore and quote them here but most of us know what those are anyway. Those tweets without the proper catalyst wouldn't have been used to pin the bullying on the girls, they would simply look like tweets of disappointment or encouragement, but it cant be said that it was directed to someone...until the tweet by Hwa's beautiful little twin sister. You know that, the one where pretty face was mentioned. That along with Hwa's tweet identified a "target" for the 3 girls initial tweets. This fact is often overlooked by gray area people.. without the target the initial 3 tweets would've gone cold, still would've gone noticed but would still go cold.
    I don't care if there really was bullying, ostracizing, internal conflicts or whatever. Its irrelevant to the fact that the initial tweets were given a target and thus igniting the whole bullying thing. Call me cold or evil IDC.. I see it as the netizens see it only from the other side. Sure the twins had every right to defend themselves if one was being bullied BUT as professionals they should've known that the response would identify the 3 girls targets was indeed her... I often attribute this to their youth, they might have not known what would happen if they told twitter that Hwa was the target but the thing is it did and it put the whole group in jeopardy.
    The next day's tweets were simply fuel to the already raging fire. And could be interpreted y t-ara defenders as hammering down more nails to t-ara's coffin. Believing KKS' statement is also irrelevant since no one believes that mofo anyway, the fact is the "facts without truth" tweet brought more people to attack t-ara and pin the bullying on them more, with the added bonus of more sympathy for her.
    Acting the Victim
    This one I have no trouble with as well, she did lose her job, possibly her dreams so she is a victim.
    Not Speaking up
    One more of my favorites, since it is still not being done until now. Yes CCM has her sister and yes KKS might have asked her or told her to keep silent. But fact is she's not with the company anymore, she is free to do anything she wants at this point or say anything at this point, plus a denial of the bullying from her would at least halve the current hating populace and why would KKS punish her or her sister for that? (unless KKS is purposely punishing t-ara, which is very possible) Anything at all to help clear the allegations against her former groupmates... not doing so proves that she is may really have been bullied and unhappy, and that doesn't help our t-ara's case doesn't it?
    In any case that's my point of view, my PERSONAL point of view, you can believe what you want or don't. the fact remains that t-ara is still under fire from the koreans, they're still losing jobs left and right and their activities keep getting delayed or cancelled. Of course some fans would be irked and would want to point fingers, making a long explanation wouldn't change their minds on the contrary it would push them to write their own beliefs like I just did...(and my hands hurt thanks alot )
    As long as the fandom is divided like this, then we will never be able to give the support where it is due. Hwayoung is indeed a victim, that much is fact, but blunt as it may seem, she isn't in the business anymore. I'm sure most of the current queen's who criticize her don't really hate her but are rather disappointed in her lack of action to help her unnies. The internal facts are irrelevant what's important is that t-ara remain afloat and this controversy to finally end.
    PS: I am by no means a Hwayoung hater, I friggin love the gal, she's my 4th bias as everyone in the SB already knows. So this is more of an explanation as to why the some of the t-ara fans are currently on her case.
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    Dandelina reacted to Taiki in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    I'm not hating on Hwayoung but i admit it pissed me off at how she could pose for selcas and go out in public while the other members are taking all the heat for something they shouldn't have. Imagine how members like Eunjung feels when she worked hard for years to build up her career and image (i read somewhere that her acting career started in 1995?) and to see it all go down the drain because of some rumors. I just say that it was insensitive of her to do those above mentioned while everyone else is in a $hitstorm.
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    Dandelina reacted to ParkYeonSisters in [12.08.27] T-ara's Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo in "Shut Up Family" will be edited out   
    Though I don't follow that show, this totally sucks! When will this ever end?!
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    Dandelina reacted to kayyren in [12.08.27] T-ara's Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo in "Shut Up Family" will be edited out   
    Seriously!? && I wanted to see Jiyeon && Eunjung come out in the show too
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    Dandelina reacted to Timtam in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    Nothing would have happened if right at the start he decided to sit down with the girls and solve their conflicts between each other like father like daughter......
    The stupid decision he made based on what he believe it's for an 18 yrsold girl's sake.....<----- we're mindfug...
    Agreed with that....... ......the only people who can be neutral about this whole thing is US...Real Queens.....
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    Dandelina reacted to min young in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    what she said is true.but one thing she afraid same like me...it was t-ara will be disband..
    guys please told me that wouldn't happen...i love t-ara more than other group...
    if t-ara disband,i don't have any reason to love kpop anymore....i'm so afraid
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    Dandelina reacted to pancakes in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    Problem is KKS has a history of just brushing stuff under the rug instead of cleaning it up. We can only hope that someone smart enough in CCM will help direct or suggest a solution.
    Great now I have a looping image of KKS dancing down a yellow brick road singing "If I only had a brain~!" stuck in my head. -__-
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    Dandelina reacted to stide in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    why should they leave.. :(even thought there's a lot of haters who wants them to be out of the drama.. i believe that there are more more Queen's out there that will support the drama..
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    Dandelina reacted to HiroM4A in [12.08.16] T-ara's Eunjung bows her head and refuses to answer questions about the "T-ara situation"   
    Where's my cheerful Eunjung?! Watch some old live perfs and then this... It's hurt to see her like this... Whatever happen... We always support u
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    Dandelina reacted to tiass in [12.08.16] T-ara's Eunjung bows her head and refuses to answer questions about the "T-ara situation"   
    She looks thinny but still georgeus. i am promise will watch your drama unnie.
    fighting, don
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    Dandelina reacted to leah cala in [12.08.16] T-ara's Eunjung bows her head and refuses to answer questions about the "T-ara situation"   
    i'm proud of eunjung....although you can see her spirit is broken but still she managed to show her support and dedication.
    eunjung be strong my dear
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    Dandelina reacted to KaiC in [12.08.22] Eunjung and agency confused by the news, "We hadn't received any notice"   
    Lol ... i love how people are saying they are acting like the victim when they nearly brought to an end ... losing everything they were working so hard for almost 10 years (including trainee days) ... ahhh ... people are always thinking about WHO is right but not WHAT is right ...
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    Dandelina reacted to jknlet in [12.08.22] Eunjung and agency confused by the news, "We hadn't received any notice"   
    I don't understand ypur comment.
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    Dandelina reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.08.22] Eunjung and agency confused by the news, "We hadn't received any notice"   
    Quite an extensive list of the duds happening to T-ara all year. They actually seem extremely unlucky and I'd go as far to say they're the most unlucky group at current.
    1. Eunjung's leg injury during LD promotions
    2. Jiyeon is unable to take her first ever vacation since debut due to DH2 filming
    3. Soyeon apparently has a bit of a leg injury herself and ends up performing on crutches.
    4. KKS openly threatens them in public
    5. 2 unnecessary members are added
    6. Boram is caught up with acute gastritis
    7. The Twitter issue results in the greatest idol scandal and chaos of 2012
    8. Hwayoung's contract is terminated and gets kicked out.
    9. Soyeon gets in a major car accident (supposedly anyway)
    10. Eunjung gets the boot from the drama she's supposed to be in.
    Am I missing anything so far?
    It almost as seems like fate wants them to collapse (whether if it's targeted towards CCM or T-ara itself however, is a matter of debate).
    Creepy O.o
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    Dandelina reacted to WooRi in [12.08.13] Soyeon taken to the hospital after a major car accident   
    Hope she's okay T-ara please stay strong.. Queen's will always support you guys no mater what happens..
    p/s: Am I the only 1 here want to kill those stupid netizens? T-ara don't deserved all these hating comments.. hurmm
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    Dandelina reacted to My_Tiara in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    You can do your part and help spread the proof. Anti's are small-minded and only believe in the edit-cut parts, lets show them the WHOLE.
    More proof that the alledged "bullying" is fake, that the Anti's edit and cut out was too one-sided.
    1) hyotheleader.tumblr.com (*mainly used this one on sites that do not allow urls to be posted)

    3) http://www.t-araworl...ing-rumors.html
    Please post to 5 other T-ara discussion or k-pop forums to help spread the word for their innocence!
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    Dandelina reacted to Emperor Ryu in [TRANS] Clarification on the article: Hwayoung's Secret Message on Allkpop!   
    I just had to laugh at this fabrication, because in the 3rd picture in that posting that highlights the "secret message", and compared it to the 4th picture. The location of that message changes between the two (It is unfortunate that this site is unable to accommodate the Korean Characters here for posting.). If the "format display" is different for certain devices, even if there's only one device that is inconsistent on the screen, it is just another spiteful fabrication. Huge difference here and leads me to ask, . . .
    Secret message or paranoid delusions of hatred?
    Yeah, I'm going with the latter on this one.
    I'm still waiting for our beloved Hwayoung to return to our T-ara.
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    Dandelina reacted to bluehzw in Hwayoung is bullied by T-ara? No! Please watch this video.   
    Hwayoung is bullied by T-ara? No! They are very friendly with each other. Please watch this video.
    Who can help to post this to korean forum?
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    Dandelina reacted to czakins in [12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation   
    Don't the netizens know that what they're doing is also bullying? CYBER BULLYING YES. How cruel media can be. SMH.
    T-ara hwaiting! Don't worry karma will slap those people who's dragging you down! And I'll back up that karma if it needs some help \o/
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    Dandelina reacted to chelksea in [12.08.02] Jo Harang comment on T-ara's situation "It must stop now!"   
    Atleast she defends T-ara, not like other groups that are trying to avoid them so that they won't get associated with T-ara's controversy. This just shows that there is still hope for fellow Idols and artists
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    Dandelina reacted to maskingmark in [POLL] Bullying - True or Not?   
    I do not think bullying occured. Most probably there was fights or a strained relationship at worst. but this normally happens to people everywhere.
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    Dandelina reacted to munchausen in [TRANS] Clarification on the article: Hwayoung's Secret Message on Allkpop!   
    when it comes to clarification and fact checking like this, site like AKP wont give a damn about it...
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    Dandelina reacted to vnbaotram in [TRANS] Clarification on the article: Hwayoung's Secret Message on Allkpop!   
    Clarification on the article: Hwayoung's Secret Message on Allkpop!
    Sorry for the bad English I used to write this, my friends and I tried our best to translate it into English.
    As you know, 2 days ago, when Hwayoung left her tweet to apologize, everything seems to be going better, but then allkpop published a report entitled:
    Hwayoung leaves a secret message for fans on Twitter?

    According to this article:
    “Fans all over the world have started to point out that if the first letters of each line of the message are read vertically, the message “Only fans know” can be seen. Because of this alleged secret message, some are saying that Hwayoung may not truly be apologizing for her actions.”
    And everything becomes terrible again.
    I wonder what you thought when you read this article the 1st time, to me, it’s just a bull sh!t.
    If you believed it right after reading this, I’m so sorry and excuse me but I think you’re dumbass and stupid.
    The first point I want to say: Allkpop as I observed, this page has repeatedly posting articles associated to T-ara purpose increase view, creating a dimensional look bad for T-ara, not even have all the authenticity such as Jiyeon slaps Hwayoung , then CCM investigation and arrested the culprits writing incorrect, and other Korean newspapers have confirmed this story,and CCM dossier was submitted to the Gangnam police. I do not know if allkpop have corrected this post yet or not. If so, then ok, but if they don’t publish this article, I’m really sure that there’s a big problem with that page, can not deny anymore.
    Following what I’ve worked to discover the mysterious tweet:
    First, the screenshot of my laptop, it will be as follows:

    And here is the comparision with the image of allkpop’s article, this pic was captured by the other, using other web browser.

    Apparently the order of words has changed.
    YOU KNOW WHAT, because it’s depend on the web browser you use to surf internet, it will show different if you use other web browers.
    Second, this one is the most important,

    I noticed the area circled in red, as you know Hwayoung using iPhone 4 or 4S as something that fans have taken the picture. And this tweet sent from Twitter for iPhone application. Go and check her account by yourself, click Expand, she used Twitter for iPhone app to tweet this, so how does she know what it shown on web browser when you surf Twitter via Firefox, Chrome or others web browsers.
    This is a screenshot of Hwayoung’s Twitter Account using iPod Touch 4th generation, with the resolution, the basic characteristics similar to iPhone 4, will of course show the same.

    I even copy and paste the tweet of Hwayoung back into my editor's tweet, to show what she saw the tweet when she tweeted this message, as the second picture below, I always post photos with 2 keyboards, Hangul and Alphabet
    Link the images:

    Sure you have come to realize there’s NOTHING called mysterious OR SECRET message here at all, it's just a normal tweet sent from Twitter for iPhone application, from Hwayoung’s iPhone.
    The tittle allkpop deliberately breaking a shock, such sensationalism in the moment, I must say this site published their false information about korean celebrities, fake news, exxagerated gossips.
    This is getting crazy. Netizens making up anything to make a case against T-ara. I can't believe people are actually believing the xxxx these neitzens are spewing
    I wonder how T-ara members are feelings now...
    Haters Gonna Hate, if they hate someone, they are willing to find all the tricks to destroy people.
    P/s: I'm a Queen's, true Queen’s, I’ll always support T-ara, and the most important thing I wanna notice here, I’ll never leave them alone when they need us, their fans the most.
    We’re Vietnamese fan.
    Cre: vnbtram@t-aravn.net.
    Translated by tink_koko and vnbtram.
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    Dandelina reacted to min young in [12.08.02] D-Unit's Wooram, "I was looking forward to the first stage with my sister"   
    [RUMOR VS FACT] T-ara's bullying case: Evident #6
    Netizens post this:
    Hwayoung is left out

    The truth is:
    Okay, I have to admit that K-netizens really good in manipulating information to ruining people’s life. They’re really smart.
    Okay guys, the 1st & 2nd pictures is screencap from a video. Sorry, I can’t find the video (will update if I find it later). Just like they manipulate the screencap in case #5, they also do the same to this post. Here is the press photos T-ara @ Gimpo International Airport on 4th July 2011.

    See the difference???
    They just capped the video when Hwayoung stay at the back.Smart move, right?
    (watch this fancam!)
    After they posing for the camera, they started to move into the departure hall but Hwayoung move first and some members still posing for the camera. That’s why Hwayoung position is changed and she stay in the back!
    Okay, now we move on to the 2nd cap. What’s wrong with walking alone??? They’re not a kids that need a parents/adults to hold their hands all the time.
    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xskf04_120121-t-ara-s-pretty-boys-e05-720p-cut_shortfilms (HYOMIN & SOYEON WALKING ALONE)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV95fOYZ7LQ (HYOMIN WALKING ALONE)
    Netizens exaggerated to much???
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