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    Dandelina reacted to Grimlock in [12.07.31] Tony Moly, Daewoo Securities and Wild Roses removing T-ara's images from advertisements   
    Damn I would really love those posters. What a waste...
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    Dandelina reacted to BeautifulRobot in [12.07.31] T-ara's Eunjung, "Thank you.. and I'm sorry"   
    I'm sad that they are not able to tell us anything. Eunjung obviously wants to speak out but she can't. I feel like she is thanking fans for their support and she is sorry that this has all happened.
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    Dandelina reacted in [12.07.31] T-ara's Eunjung, "Thank you.. and I'm sorry"   
    i always support eunjung....she take all responsibility ... love me to eunjung will never end
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    Dandelina reacted to leah cala in [12.07.31] T-ara's Eunjung, "Thank you.. and I'm sorry"   
    is eunjung their leader now?
    i hope soyeon will speak out and take responsibility too.
    i hope the members will recover from this.
    fighting t-ara...i support you always
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    Dandelina reacted to kuriya17 in [12.07.31] T-ara's Eunjung, "Thank you.. and I'm sorry"   
    For me, there's nothing to apologize, those netizens who jump into conclusion immediately because of an unknown proof of them bullying youngie is the one who needs to apologize.
    Just one thing i thought is that, the apologies of Eunjung is due to their confusing tweets that brought us to know who is the real Queen's and those that are not.
    anyway, i believe they did nothing wrong just that a little confusing tweets!
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    Dandelina reacted to joyce_20176 in [12.07.31] T-ara's Eunjung, "Thank you.. and I'm sorry"   
    I feel so sad with all this happened and EJ is my favorite!!! Kks just shut up!!! I want to hear from the girls.
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