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  1. RT @JAYBUMAOM: @allkpop #girlsdayakp what do yall think about jay park????? sorry if i sound like a creeper lol~

  2. RT @JAYBUMAOM: @allkpop #girlsdayakp what do yall think about jay park????? sorry if i sound like a creeper lol~

  3. I heard that some exo guys were dancing to sexy love or that one of the said that they like t-ara. does anyone have links?:3
  4. T-ara is autographing their albums for you at GURUPOP! http://t.co/xf2TQZpv #GURUPOP

  5. The concept is fine IDC whatever the concept is but the dresses.... x.x
  6. Atleast you have money to buy it... I only have $6 dollarss ;-;-;-;-;-;-;
  7. Where do I go to buy this?;A; and omg i need them give me ;-;
  8. why does it say i dont have access to this?
  9. They didn't post a lot of aticles. They posted articles that made them seem bad and that's all. TBH, they don't really like T-ara and just to show be fair they posted the phoplet blog thing.
  10. omg if this is KKS trolling ;A;... idek man why would he do all of this? idek im so confused. I want Hwayoung in T-ara but I don't know ;A;A;A; my heart hurts from all of this.
  11. thank gos there's this blog for all these T-ara updates. I can't stand comments on allkpop. People don't see two sides they only see one. Anyway, I'm really really hoping this is all a big joke. please. I need to wake up from this nightmare. Can Mnet fire KKS? please...
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