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  1. i think dat they shuoldnt talk about it(the incident) publicly for the moment..they should just put the past aside..maybe around 4/5 years from now on they can say it on the tv show such as strong heart..about what they feel and all..
  2. great move..whether ccm behind it or not still eunjung have the right to sue those disgusting producers who only think of money..maybe now they would think twice to not play with fire a.k.a eunjung..
  3. what a shame..i guess they don't really care to find out about the truth..honestly they are over reacted..seriously it is a shame..huhu
  4. i thought at first the one wearing hat was soyeon..then i found that it wasn't her and she wasn't include in the song at all..silly me..hahaha..anyway it still a good song to listen to..
  5. wow..can't wait to see the sequel for the day by day mv..hehe..but four music video will be released at same time is quite unique..
  6. can't wait for their comeback..after all these mess..huhu..the 2nd picture a little bit like when snsd sing the intel song..hehe..
  7. so the handwritten apology was really from t-ara..that's a good news indeed..hehe..
  8. in all honesty..i think they are not the one who suppose to be apologizing..it is the netizen who suppose to do so..through countless rumors dat they spread which affect t-ara members deeply..i wish the one who started the rumors came upfront to apologize to t-ara publicly and also those who were affected by his/her own selfish act..stupid netizen
  9. cmon guys lets be optimistic..maybe it would be good for them not to appear on public tv show for the moment..lets just wait for their comeback with the sexy love..i'm sure they would give us the performance that would blow us away and keep the haters silence once and for all..
  10. the pd of 5f should learn from her n pd of hyomin's drama..you should look out for your staff n actor/actress too..not just firing them when the situation is not in you favour..huh~
  11. a wise word from a wise man.'money is something you will have when you work harder'..couldn't agree with you any better
  12. i think dat it's time for all the queens around the world voices out their opinion and support towards the girls..just like how the antis trying to destroy the girls reputation y going to the broadcasting companies, the queens also need to go the broadcasting companies and give our own opinion and also support in the matter at hand..because from what i read in this controversy month, it seems like the anti are being more vocal to be compare with the supporters.. lets show the antis who's the boss..
  13. wow..in a space of 24 hours your life can really change..one minute you are practicing very hard and the next minute boom all your hard work suddenly blown away..the production crew are really weird..they are exactly the two face kind of people..
  14. why cant they have a nice(?) discussion between sbs, production crew, eunjung and her agency..why should they go to the media to announce it without inform the other party.. talking about professionalism..pfft..
  15. the ppl people are very weird..if the drama is good then people will definitely watch no matter what happen to the cast in real life..it just so sad to see eunjung role been cut off like that..now i really hate the antis..
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