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  1. Thanks for the translation! Although I'm glad she was able to say something about the situation, Netizens are still small minded bigoted egotistical idiots. "KKS paid her to tweet that to save T-ara!" "She didn't deny being bullied!" etc. etc. What gets me is seeing the "queens" who turned their backs on the girls suddenly come crawling back. But I guess I should just be happy that they have one less anti... /waves angry fist at wishy washy band wagoners T-ara Fighting~!
  2. Problem is KKS has a history of just brushing stuff under the rug instead of cleaning it up. We can only hope that someone smart enough in CCM will help direct or suggest a solution. Great now I have a looping image of KKS dancing down a yellow brick road singing "If I only had a brain~!" stuck in my head. -__-
  3. T-ara was rocky from the get go tbh, their ship IS captained by a douchebag. Time and time again they kept on sailing despite the rough waters, I just hope the black ocean doesn't finally swallow them up.
  4. Before this whole situation happened, whenever I had spare time I would scour the web to find anything T-ara related so I could learn more about the girls (I.E variety shows and interview etc.) Now I find myself frantically looking for any information to show that they are ok, or signs of this blowing over/dying down. Unfortunately I don't see an end to the endless ocean of hate that the girls are facing. Tired of staring/reading all of the dumb hate comments about the girls. I don't know about most of you, but I constantly have these scenarios playing over and over in my head. ((2 scenarios each)) 1. T-ara steps up to clear the air; "There was never any bullying." -Netizens call BS mudslinging continues, or somewhat satisfied ex-fans and netizens drop the hate. (because we know anti's will always be anti's) "We're sorry..." - Netizens wreck havoc, T-ara is finished 2. Hwayoung steps up; "I was never bullied" - Netizens "She was bullied/payed to say that!!" or "so it true she was arrogant!" netizens turn on her and her chance of a new career goes down the drain. "It was really hard, but thank you for being on my side" - Netizens "DOWN WITH T-ARA" pitchforks and torches in hand. Dead end for T-ara. 3. KKS step up; "Blah blah" plays merry go round with people mind causing more extreme hate outbreaks. "This is all my fault" and steps down from CEO (please let this happen soon!!!!!) 4. T-ara and Hwayoung; (slim chance of this though =/ ) "There was never any bullying, please stop the lies" - Netizens feels like jackass. Ex-fans can suck it. "We're sorry to everyone involved" - Netizens sea of hate engulfs everyone. I just want this to end so I can go back to happily watching them with their bright beautiful smiles and a huge dorky smile on mine. I miss them.. =(
  5. The way I see it is; T-Jinyo say they want the truth but in all honesty they only want to hear T-ara admit that they did indeed bully, because if T-ara says otherwise- T-Jinyo will just look like a bunch of rabid dogs barking up the wrong tree (which they are). Also, KKS already had a bad image; telling lies, giving vague answers, and making one horrible decision after another. His image/name was projected onto T-ara, they became the liars and whatnot. In the public eye CCM/KKS is T-ara and T-ara is CCM/KKS. You can't win when you have that kind of image projected onto you. These girl are in a poorly manage company, where the CEO lacks common sense/knowledge/humanity/professionalism/pr skills/etc. Having some experience in PR, my first instinct would be to tell the artist/client to lay low so I could come up with a plan and patch up the wound. Which is most likely why the girls were quiet the entire time. Lay out the plans, have a press conference WITH the girls and clear the air all within the first day or two of the tweets/speculation. CCM either doesn't have a PR rep/dept., or they have a shitty one, or KKS is just ignorant in general (ding ding ding!) and went against the PR plan. They only made the situation worst by the way it was handle. So the girls not defending themselves or Hwayoung defending T-ara, its not as simple as black and white. Hope this made sense I'm running low on fuel due to lack of sleep lol.
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