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    bopeepland :D
  1. awesome! everybody loves T-ara dot com Hwang Jung Eum is so pretty~ I actually wanna buy things on the website but i dont know how. ):
  2. Oh Jiyeon you are so cute Qri made bling bling leggings! i always think that she likes bling bling~~
  3. Never mind Competition is a good thing~ but i think T-ara is sexier lol
  4. where's my eunjungie? TT_TT btw they all look so fabulous.
  5. ooooh i cant wait for the MV!! dual-promotion sounds cool~
  6. how can ppl hate them? i mean they are so talented and cute!
  7. Dree


    hyomin and ??
  8. Dree

    [10.02.28] T-ara

    hope they'll win the k-chart and mutizen! i can see it coming!
  9. i cant imagine them speaking japanese.. eunjung in specs, nice nice!
  10. I've downloaded the MV and watched it many times! Eunjung
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