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  1. Excuse me what? How?! Areum was one of my favorites and she's now leaving...my eyes are literally tearing up right now...
  2. Areum's dancing and rapping are really making me like her a lot, and she is just so cute~
  3. Poor Eunjung, she didn't even sing the high note. T_T
  4. I actually really like Areum's rap so, I dunno what what other people are talking about but it's amazing.

  5. Sexy Love is soooo amazing.♥

  6. I spazzed so much when Sexy Love came out, the beginning freaked me out a little though, they looked like actual androids. O: I watched the MV making and it looked like they were all having so much fun. I can't wait for the second half of Day by Day to come out, it's like a 30minute movie that's filled with amazingness. T-ara Fighting~♥
  7. I love how KKS hasn't been saying anything recently. . I think the girls should take the matter into their own hands and get this resolved although I know the chance of that happening is slim to none seeing as though their career would be on the line, but hey if all of them come out and speak up what is the worst thing CCM could do that already hasn't happened?
  8. I just hope Eunjung is doing fine, I don't know why anyone would do this to a poor girl who is obviously already going through so much..
  9. I'm really happy someone is speaking out, I wouldn't wish something like this on anyone. When I saw people unfollowing certain members on twitter as to not have a bad image (one of them was my bias.), it really saddened me, but now that someone of importance is saying something really makes me happy, hopefully this will open up some eyes and people will calm down.
  10. I hope they get to perform together as well. D-Unit's debut song was really good, I really like their music video.
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