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  1. I'm so happy that Eunjung is back into acting! It's been so long~ I guess this adds another drama on to my to-watch list!
  2. Choi Youngsoo participated in making some of my top favorite kpop songs! And my favorite t-ara songs!! I'm super excited for this!! This month has such good idols and artists lined up to release music ♥♥
  3. I'm surprised by the amount of popularity T-ARA got without super crazy promotions they do when they're promoting in Korea. I also heard Japanese music shows don't really let k-pop idols perform. But I'm super excited to listen to their new songs!!! I super super super loved Bunny Style & Target!!! I swear, I have listened to those songs like a billion times... XD It seems like they were released in 2012 instead of 2013 for some reason...
  4. T-ARA promoted in Japan a lot last year! It's great to see that their hard work is paying off~ hopefully, they can continue to strengthen their Japanese fanbase this year too~
  5. I was hoping they would perform Do You Know Me; but number nine is great too! Even though Eunjung is my bias; Soyeon completely won me over in this performances (Jungie is still my bias though.. XD) Hopefully next year, the fan chants would get louder..
  6. Omigosh! Dino & Jungie!!!! Their voices are absolutely flawless!! And the members new style is so pretty! Ah this teaser is exactly what my dreamland is like and I don't know how that makes sense but it's true!!
  7. Ah~~ I love this side of T-ARA! T-ARA's retro-style songs is what made me a fan of them. Maybe, more people would become fans of them too!
  8. This is very interesting!!! I'll make sure to play diadem's games lots XD Maybe T-ARA will notice it too fighting!!
  9. I'm so happy that she is dating hopefully, the other members of T-ARA are dating too Even though the fanboys may not accept it...
  10. I'm so curious about why they have to film in the desert? What will there theme be this time? I'm super excited for T-ARAs comeback! I really loved their Japanese songs from this year too, and also T-ARA N4+QBS, but I think I'm anticipating this comeback more than their past activities from this year.
  11. I think Q.ri would be a great leader! Soyeon & Eunjung also were great leaders (from what i've observed so far.)
  12. I'll wait for them They released many songs this year (banisuta, target, jeonwon diary, etc...) But what about Dani? Wasn't she supposed to join T-ARA last october - december?? They keep delaying her debut.. ....btw: I'm hoping for a song like TTL ^^
  13. I have heard of so many non-sense rumours before; but seriously!? Possessed by a ghost? It's funny what kind of stuff netizens come up with! I really liked how Ahreum stood up for herself though
  14. Wow! That necklace is really pretty!! I'm assuming Boram and Soyeon got one too then since it says QBS on one side.
  15. bo peep bo peep bo peep bo peep owwww

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