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  1. I have a question for buying it via T-ARA Holic, when putting in our address, if I live in Canada, What do I put in the 'Suburb' section?? and where do I put my province? o.o
  2. I'm honestly dying from excitement. omgggg. CAN'T CONTAIN THE FEEELSSS. ;A; I hope they have a super strong comeback!
  3. Best of luck to them ~ ^^ I just hope they don't change too drastically :c
  4. FEEEEELS. I'm excited. T-ARA N4 is a nice name ~ better than the rumoured PrincessT kekeke ~ T-ARA, T-ARA N4 fighting!!
  5. ugh, all these songs give me feels (feels all over da place lol) ;A; especially Jiyeon's, Soyeon's and Eunjung's I can't wait to hear Hyomin's and Areum's since they're the ones I've pre-ordered
  6. too bad Canada isn't Asia ); Either way, I am sooo excited and happy for all the fans who get a chance to see T-ARA live ~ (lucky!) Even though, in my opinion things are coming at the girls a bit fast, but know they're strong and will continue trying their best ! (they've proved that many times over) QUEEN's will forever continue showing their support
  7. If Diadem is able to hold pre-orders/ release pre-order information that would be such a blessing o_o I have not seen pre-orders or heard of any pre-ordering outside of Asia yet! If the photobook is within my reach and within my budget, I must get it ~
  8. I want all 3 versions... but that would cost a lot of money ;S aahhh.. I love Bye Bye, Day By Day, & Like The First Time...it's going to be hard to choose! too many things on the list this year xD but I still can't wait!
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