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  1. Username: Timtam Award I want: Akatsuki custom award Achievement: Donations
  2. *slow clap* Well played MBK, well played... As far as I know there arent that many company restrict their groups' fanclubs relationships with eachother since they know what it means. And as far as I'm concerned, I think there might also be many changes in our fanclub Queen's, either the ceo doesnt know who we are, what we've done together with/for the girls; or he just wanna make a new impression and so far...it aint good. Whatever reasons we'll get from him later wont satisfied us since we can obviously see tons of reasons to keep things the way they were. Well best of luck to us all diadems! Sr for the long post...have some timtams :3
  3. I'll supply u with timtams for a month if it happens xDDD
  4. Well I'm pretty dedicated to the forum so yea...I'm happy suggesting things....the only badge last badge I want is the custom now, I'm eligible though but I guess that will have to come later because you guys are very busy right now anyway...9muse badge woot woot hahaha And I dont think I'll b listing all the things I've achieve..mehh...too much like bragging about how much of a fan I am
  5. Username: Timtam Award I want: Queen's Award Logo Achievement: Signing up Username: Timtam Award I want: Soyeon Achievement: 25 posts Username: Timtam Award I want: Qri Achievement: 50 posts Username: Timtam Award I want: Jiyeon Achievement: 100 posts So there are 6 badges available to be show... if ppl do their achievements with posts... 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 + the signing up, then that's pretty much 6 badges...tada bam done...no need to write down all the things you actually achieved in the past being a Queen's because its long as. And 1 form for each of them @@, like I have all the korean albums yea....1 form for each of them? jesus. I like the idea but...it kinda seems like ure buffing yourself up with this LOL... I recon for starting up... a Queen's logo award badges for everyone would be nice Make the other 5 hard to get...if u buy album/s thats 1 for u (1 album = starter badge, over 5 albums = an awesomer badge, over 10 albums = an even awesomer badge, over 30 albums = the ultimate badges..ok it ends here..I think we can all agree that spending your money on 30 albums makes u one of the most hard core out there already, I know many buy more but....we're not running a contest here are we? ) If u post either 25, 50, 100 etc..thats 1 for u (Same thing as the buying album badges, 25 posts = start badge, 50 = etc) If ure a donator..that's 1 for u...but if u donated over 3 projects..u can request 1 custom badge like stated..thats very nice... and the last of them all...the fanmeet, concert badge...good luck folks...1 ultimate badge to celebrate all the goodies you've witnessed with your holy eyes that night/day/morning/lunch/afternoon/evening/wateva Sorry for the long post...have some timtams everyone
  6. All hail our new CEO.... So..lemme get this straight...we dropped the ideal of Japan market and going for China instead... Hmmmm...good luck to us all....
  7. I'll make sure to stop by when I visit Korea in the future...everyone who have a chance to do so should do the same too
  8. Z said there will b an email to everyone who bought when it ship
  9. Try this.....play this song ....dance the Roly Poly dance... ....It fits doesn't it Actually I tried this today... RolyPoly + Sexy Love choreo fits this song completely...LOL...Try it guys...it so catchy
  10. I forgot to leave a comment few days ago when I bought it Thank u Elly and Z for doing this xDDD
  11. My god....someone please save me....Im losing breath
  12. Happy 5th anniversary T-ara woot woot...im not that lucky but...lets see how this will turn out
  13. Hah....democracy...now that is a never ending topic for me to talk about...like...my homeland...LOL...things never gonna change and no one's gonna stand up...
  14. LOL...I've never know u follow k-politics bro...Au-politics gives me enough head ache LOL
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