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  1. come on, theyre so damn silent not because they hate them, it was because theyre freaking mesmerized by them!

    heck if i am there watching t-ara, which is their first LIVE public comeback, reminding myself that I can finally watch my queens after waiting for so long, not to mention the delays caused by all of this bogus controversies,

    I would just stand there

    eyes open wide

    full focus mode

    mouth opened



    and tears would probably start falling down

    a compete silence of captivation, that would be my silence

    just think positive brosters! :D

  2. ah now that uve mentioned it, yes

    the teaser beat is better than the current one

    its more joyful and stuff

    though I do agree that it doesnt fit the robot concept

    well if that was true then damn whoever made that concept

    and damn to the one who decided to change the beat

    because the song (sexy love) kinda sucks

    dont get me wrong, but it kinda sucks to not be able to live to the hype, the song just seem, I dont know, safe?

    PS: though kara's pandora sucks even more lol since the hype was built to high

  3. hahaha shinsadong tiger, you just cant stop cant you?

    his method of creating hit songs still hasnt changed, lol papa americano

    lol jk, its just the way he makes songs

    he just needs that starting beat and then he can follows it with his own

    as long as he dont get attacked for plagiarizing, I dont care (though this cant be classified as plagiarizing)

    all I care is he keeps making hit songs for t-ara

    cheers s-tiger!

  4. wow the more I read about this scandal

    the more Ive got depressed

    for a group who has been said as "the most determined group"

    they sure showed a huge lack of determination

    dont get me wrong, I love them

    but this silence will not get our girls anywhere

    they have fallen into a pit and stopped trying to climb upwards

    and because they have been there for so long, they have lost the strength to climb

    the only thing that can save them now is only if there is a rope from someone at the top

    but since the pit is deep, that help is highly unlikely

    but maybe, just maybe..

    a miracle will bound to happen

    and we who are waiting for them to come home, can only hope for those miracle

    please God,

    save them

    PS: dont take it so seriously, just wanted to post my feelings in a sort of poetic way heheh

    anyways, keep praying theists, and do whatever you do atheists

  5. really, I love T-ara, very very much

    but did you ever wonder, why at every press conference they didnt try to clear things up? even for just a little bit?

    all it takes is just 1 mere sentence, "there is no bullying in T-ara" or simply "the reason of hwayoung's departure is not because of 'bullying' ".

    I mean isnt that easy? just say a sentence similar to those and then follow it with a statement to not ask further questions about the recent issues.

    but contrary to what I said, I think I already know the answer

    when soyeon, the first t-ara member to come out and speak publicly in the midst of this controversy, agreed to answer questions about bullying issues, did everything work out well?

    when netizens said that they want to hear answers from the members of t-ara themselves, and got what they wanted (soyeon's answers), did it please them?


    instead, they said that soyeon was lying and blabering xxxx and stuff

    now if we just use a simple logic, we can see the correct algorithm

    1. people demand answer from team

    2. team member A appears

    3. people ask questions

    4. team member A answers

    5. people refuse to believe

    6. team member B appears

    7. people ask questions

    8. ?

    now what would be the correct action to fill no. 8?

    we can see that the key in this algorithm is action no. 5

    if the member repeat action no. 4, action no. 5 will occurs

    thats why t-ara fill no. 8 with: refuse to answer

    all because of action no. 5

    and now we can all see that t-ara is not some cowardly group who chooses to avoid problems

    instead theyre a group with solid logic

  6. First of all, I am new to this T-ara fandom so i dont know for sure whats this and that in the world of T-ara.

    What really made me curious is the official name for the fans of T-ara

    Is it really just Queen's?

    I mean isnt that a little bit sexist?

    Or is there a name for guy fans called King's?

    If King's is the official name for guy fans then why do I never see someone refer themselves as King's?

    Are girls the only ones who can become the fans of T-ara?

    Or is there something that I didnt know

    Please explain it to me oh wise dweller of the internet

  7. what really saddens me is the leaving t-ara cafe and the anti-cafe thing

    I cant believe that so many people in korea are so stupidly enough to believe such a twisted unproven rumor and leave the beloved t-ara fan cafe and turn them into an anti-cafe instead

    I mean wheres the logic in that? you have to be insanely and utterly IDIOTIC to have an idea like that

    Its just, its unthinkable, its... i mean are the koreans really that dumb? i mean that logic.. im lost for words..

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