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  1. just keep lying CCM effing worst entertainmet company ive ever heard foolish
  2. made site because he/shes a fan? turned it down because of some shitty rumor? burn in hell you FAKE-FAN
  3. whtever this pig sid is irrelevant he shouldve got roasted and eaten by the t-ara memebers turn cnnibals new concept cool
  4. sorry as in im sorry for what i did? or sorry to hear that? ambi-much
  5. how can they cannot cry theyre just kids afterall, they maybe in their 20s but really theyre just kids
  6. meh, this whole controversial thing is counted as their comeback now the second comeback at the end of the year will complete the pieces of the puzzle to stardom
  7. soyeon has that evil-ish mind she can handle everything one time when i was -
  8. time to book a ticket to japan and watch this amazing show
  9. now if i can just get my hand on whoever wrote and ignited the first spark of this whole scandal..
  10. another proof that anti-fans are a bunch of 12 year olds foolish creatures..
  11. what the f is 5dolls they wont get any signing soon theyre just not good enough
  12. hahaha they even began to interrogate her family why not ask cousin B, cousin C, uncle X, auntie Y? foolish people
  13. if hes still feeding the media and the netizens with this crap i believe that there will be the time when everything will explode explosion..
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