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  1. Good move from KKS to show that T-ara still has fan all over the world. And start voting for T-ara on mnet or they won't win next week http://global.mnet.c...own/voteState.m PS. Also if you can vote here http://www.eatyourki...-ara-sexy-love/ for Sexy Love to be reviewed by Eat Your Kimchi.
  2. Great comeback. Really like the change of clothes in the middle of the song. Those red/black look very nice. A pity though the kids couldn't perform. Hope they will have a chance in the future.
  3. This MV is better than the first dance ver. It has better editing. Camera doesn't jump from one girl to another every second. Like they say "a friend in need is a friend indeed". When the storm around girls will quiet down the stations will be treated accordingly to their actions.
  4. T-ara daebak !!! Another great, catchy addictive song. However I would like to see more Boram in the mv Seriously not even a cameo appearance of Qri or Boram in Day by Day or Sexy Love drama mv...
  5. It is dangerous indeed but just becouse they are one of the three largest broadcasting companies that doesn't mean they can do whaterver they want and treat people like trash. In fact what does this situation says about them. A big player like them can't handle the matter in a normal proffesional way... no to good. And they are wondering why Korea has such a big problem with bullying. Examples come from the top. Back to the news, nice statement from KEMA. But let's wait and see what they can actually do.
  6. That's exactly what I thought. It's kind of stupid to kick her so late. She was on press conference, she was abouth to start filming and now this? That's not really the way grown ups should behave.
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