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  1. This is really great news. I'm happy for Eunjung! Yay to the WooJung pair-up. I miss them! It has been a while since her last acting gig and I do hope this is just the start of many acting projects that will come her way. Good luck! Fighting!
  2. Wow I'm so excited!!! More of T-ara!!! Yay!!! T-ara = simply going stronger and stronger!!! I think it's nice that they take advantage of the success they are having now and follow it up with another promotion instead of letting it subside. Show them all what you've got! Slay it! Push and push! (But please take care of your health and bodies, please eat and rest well, get more sleep, and don't get injured!) Looking back and counting the blessings, they are so much active this year than I expected, with so many song releases (Bunny Style, Countryside Diaries, Like A Wind, Painkiller, Target/Treasure Box album, Bikini, Number 9, What Do I Do)... What year! Considering the scandal last year and all the hate still going on, it's just so overwhelming and inspiring to see them fight on. I'm so happy and proud of them for them! While there will be so much competition in December... I am still optimistic that they can still do well. Looking forward to hearing this song. I heard the original/cover in Youtube and it sounds promising enough to be converted to a modern/T-ara song. With the CCM-Shinsadong Tiger partnership, I do hope the music quality will be consistent or even surpass our expectations. Crossing my fingers that it will be a hit, and hopefully, top the charts. T-ara Fighting!!!
  3. I'm so happy it turned out to be this beautiful. It's definitely worth the long wait! The song is just so addictive! I was addicted already after hearing the song in the fancams but it's nothing compared to now that the MV is out with the full quality audio. It's even more addicting now! I enjoyed watching the MV and I'll probably watch it again and again and again. The MV, from start to finish, is just amazing! The set, the outfits, everything is elegant and classy and of course they all look so pretty! My favorite part is when they started destroying their stuff (all the tearing, burning... and even Qri eating that rose! LOL!) Are they releasing another MV? I was actually looking forward to that desert-theme video shot in Mongolia... or was that just for teaser purposes? No plans for a drama MV? I wish them all the luck for this comeback, and I hope they will.kill all the charts once again!!! T-ara Fighting!!!
  4. Nice one, Eunjung! I'm so excited to hear it! It seems that Eunjung shines in this comeback with her awesome parts in Number 9 and her participation in arranging I Know The Feeling. I really feel that they are putting so much effort in this comeback more than they have ever done, and it's really exciting to see them shine and prove themselves once again. T-ara Fighting!!!
  5. Wow. Excited for 10/10!!! So much in store for us fans! I simply can't wait. I've always loved their music and I'm happy that they are putting more efforts in this comeback. I hope they really play their cards right this time around. Kill the charts again, T-ara! Fighting!!!
  6. WOW. EXCITING!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I do hope it really sounds great!!! Crossing my fingers! Time to really bounce back, T-ara! Give it your all and slay the charts! Fighting!!!
  7. I'M SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!!! Desert theme! That's interesting! I can't wait to hear the song and watch the MV(s)! I just hope all goes well... including the Korean response... also taking into consideration that many other artists are rumored to have a comeback in October. Nonetheless, I'm still crossing my fingers that they can finally get a favorable response and so they can truly and further move forward from last year's crazy events. I hope they play their cards carefully this time and kill the charts once again. T-ara Fighting!!!
  8. Wow 'm so happy for her. She looks so pretty in her gown. I didn't know that Joo Ji Hoon plays guitar. It would have been a further amusing jab at Five Fingers if Eunjung played piano in this performance . I'm so thrilled that they chose that awesome song, a classic favorite. Now I hope to watch a video of that duet.
  9. Wow this is great news! I'm so happy for Eunjung for getting another MCing gig. That Five Fingers issue last year was totally painful. This one would be some sort of a jab against those FF producers. I simply can't wait for that duet. I love that song! I'm hoping that their performance would be awesome and perfect. I can't wait to hear Eunjung sing ballad again. And I'm certainly hoping to watch a fancam or video clip of that performance. Eunjung Fighting!!!
  10. The song is a fun summer song, it makes me want to go to the beach. Too bad T-ara didn't appear in the MV. The voices are really blended that I can't really recognize who sang which lines. Oh well. I still enjoyed the song. Looking forward to their next song/album/MV release! T-ara Fighting!
  11. Yay what a surprise! Great Monday today, with this news! I am glad there's no need to wait for such a long time before a new song comes out. It doesn't matter much to me if they don't promote yet in music shows in Korea, as long as they keep us fans happy by releasing songs and MV(s) more often while waiting, and surprising us with good news like this. I can't wait to listen to their new song! I hope it's nice and catchy! And I hope the MV won't disappoint! T-ara Fighting!!!
  12. Wow I love the pirate costumes and concept T-ara fighting!
  13. I am hoping that they choose a perfect song that can really help them somehow revive their popularity. Like going back to their classic flavor, their classic sound, that won the hearts of many. I personally think that it's better that they just keep their original 6-member line up instead of causing another controversy about their age gap with Dani or their team relations with another newbie. The age gap would also limit their options with respect to getting more mature concepts, considering Dani is only a minor. Also, I hope this time around, they fix their line distribution so Qri and Boram would get a bit more lines to sing. Although I am really excited to see more of them and although I really want to hear more new songs from them, I guess I don't mind waiting for many months before their comeback as long as they can ensure that they will be more awesome than ever when they return. Make them breathe, rest and regain their strength, so that when the time is ripe, they can come back better, wiser, stronger and so they can kill all those charts again. T-ara Fighting!!!
  14. Took me quite a while before I recognized Soyeon. She really looks different this time. Ooh cool Eunjung wears a May 30 Memorial Day shirt... oh what a reminder of that Vegas pool party performance.
  15. My morning is really nice today because I woke up and saw this posted. I like the catchy song. The PV is enjoyable. I was amused with the anime versions of themselves. It's also a bit funny to see their facial expressions as they seriously tried so hard to reach their target, even with bandages in their faces, as they pursued their target. I wasn't expecting a full-anime PV but I guess it's cool for a change. It's the Japanese market after all. Indeed, the song is too short, that after watching I was left hungry waiting for more. I guess I wanted to see them more in live action and not in animation. I really thought they were using the pirate concept. But here they used their initial devil concept. Will they release a pirate version? Haha. Oh well. I can't wait to see their choreography and live performances. I really wish them luck! I hope this song will top the charts! Fighting!!!
  16. Very promising song!!! While the quality of the preview is not perfect, I can already say that the song is so enjoyable to listen to. Seriously, won't any drama/anime series producer get them/their song for a soundtrack? I can't wait to hear the full song and to see their PV, pirate costumes(?) and dance steps. I'm so excited!!! T-ara Fighting!!!
  17. Wow this is a nice song and video. So relaxing, so refreshing, truly like the wind!!! Soyeon looks a bit matured and different (her nose?) Boram's longer black hair suits her. Qri really looks like a fairy/goddess. They certainly all look pretty here. The light carefree mood with the white motif of the video really works well for them. I hope the song will top the charts! QBS Fighting!!!
  18. I never really expected it (although I was actually wishing for it). I'm really glad they will promote it in music shows after all. I've been playing the video over and over again. I really love this song. Excited for next week! Fighting!
  19. Cool, this time a pirate concept. It reminds me of one of my favorite NEWS song Sayaendou. I can't wait for this song to be released and to see T-ara wear pirate costumes. Fighting!
  20. This made my day. I'm really surprised they suddenly collaborated and released a song and MV without prior announcements or teaser! I'm so glad it's a nice song. I love the sad/emo/haunting melody and lyrics. As always, CCM's ballads never disappointed me. I hope they release more ballads. And of course, the MV is pretty good! Applause for Jiyeon's acting skills!
  21. I'm so happy for them. This is really exciting for them and for all the fans. So many things to look forward to in the coming days and months! I'm excited to listen to the English versions of Countryside Diaries and their performances with the American artists. While I am worried about their English communication skills, I remain optimistic that somehow, despite the language barrier, they will find success and fame in the US. While other K-Pop artists did not really achieve as much as they hoped in the US music scene, I am hopeful that after Psy's amazing breakthrough, other Korean artists, like T-ara N4, and T-ara as a whole, will be given more recognition this time. So I guess, it's not just the ability to speak English which gives the "license" to enter the US market, but also proper connections in the US music industry, and of course, it will also have to do with music taste and musical connection... plus lots of luck. Through this US route, I am hoping that they gain more recognition and support worldwide. Whatever happens in their US venture, I'm sure all their fans will still support them everywhere else. It's really time to move on from last year's controversy and I'm happy with their progress so far. I just really hope and pray that they play their cards right this time. Fighting!!!
  22. As much as I love watching their performances... and as much as I am excited for their upcoming schedules the next few months... I am actually getting more worried about their health and sleep considering their extremely packed schedule and powerful choreography. I'm sure they're really tired by now so I hope they find a way to get enough rest and nourishment. Fighting!
  23. Wow this will be released after only 1 week from QBS's debut as a sub-unit. Really busy schedule! Not complaining though. We're getting more of them. Bring it on! Fighting!!!
  24. QBS. Cute! Always wondered what their sub-unit name will be. Since Soyeon is part of this sub-unit then I guess it's more of a song for singing and less dancing? More singing lines for Qri and Boram, I hope. Looking forward to this. It's about time they release this news. I'm wondering if they got jealous of T-ara N4's US trip. It's about time they get their time to shine! Can't wait for June 26!!! This is really exciting! All members are very busy with many releases and we get more and more of them. I wish them all the luck!!! Keep it up! Fighting!
  25. Wow she's very young there! Long hair too! Cool, this is almost a decade ago! I will keep on wishing and hoping that she will decide to sport her long hair for their next comeback.
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